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Loveis a complex and very complicated of all feelings in the human heart.It is thought of as what inspires the most of foolish actions in us.However, it is a force capable of uniting us completely and evengiving us our human quality. Literature has served as a platform forus to view love. In this, we can experience the love a character hasfor another, and even us ourselves be moved by their love. One of themasterpiece that shows this is the Rostand’s drama, Cyrano deBergerac (Rostand &amp Murrell, 2013).

Inthe novel, two men are in love with one woman. That is Cyrano andChristian both are in love with Roxane. Cyrano is a very talentedeloquent and very romantic soldier. He had an inferiority complexbecause of his prominent nose. He fell deeply in love with Roxane,but he could not let her know because of fear that she would cast himoff because of his gigantic nose. Christian on the other hand was ahandsome you cadet who is unable to express his love for Roxane.Apart from his physical attractiveness, he does not possess thetalent of eloquence to woo Roxane.

Roxaneis so much obsessed with the idea of love in Christian that sherefuses to agree that he is not witty. Instead, she falls in lovewith the character in the letter a “romantic hero” in the imageof Christian and the soul of Cyrano, who was writing the letters inthe name of Christian. This was because Cyrano was so in love withher that he could do anything for her, even if it were to aid hiscompetitor for her affection. In the cover of the night under theshadow Cyrano, pretending to be Christian, was able to express hislove to Roxane. However, his efforts landed on the credits of anotherman, and it is Christian who got the kiss even if Cyrano was the onewho won Roxane’s heart (Rostand &amp Murrell, 2013).

Roxane,a girl whose sincerity and kindness never wavered, a person who wasnot only interested in external but internal beauty. As she once saidto Christian that she was attracted by his physical beauty but nowshe loves him for his soul alone. However, she did not notice that itwas Cyrano soul she loved loaned to Christian. It is sad that neitherof them found their love. As Roxane did not love Christian anymore(IV, 163), and when he died she opted to live a solitary life. Thiswas even after she knew that it Cyrano was the one she fell in lovewith. In addition, Roxane lamented that she loved only one man butlost him twice. In addition, although Cyrano new that Roxane lovedhim, he did not ask her to marry him. As this is the mystery of lovethat a lover fears, all what he believes (Rostand &amp Murrell,2013).

Fromthis novel, it is evident that everyone desires to love and be loved.Furthermore, people will do crazy things to attain necessary humanfeeling of contentment and satisfaction from another person. As forCyrano, although it troubled him that it was not him that Roxanewould be with. Although he had lost her. In his love letters, he sawa way to connect to her and express his love to her. Cyrano made aromantic hero for Roxane, with the handsomeness of Christian and asoul of his own so as she would be happy (Rostand &amp Murrell,2013).

Inanother instance, the power of love is witnessed. In this, there isthe absence of love and by that alone horrible things happen. TheFrankenstein story portrays this perfectly. Love brings peace tohumanity, but its absence can bring hatred and war. As is theFrankenstein monster. The novel is overshadowed by the theme of love.This is evident because the monster is not trouble by its ugly or itssupernatural abilities as it is trouble by one most desired humanwant. The need for love and companionship. Since its creation, themonster has been rejected, isolated and condemned by both the societyand its creator (Shelley, 2009). In this, the monster longs for afeeling despite its very incompatibilities that make it a monster, ityearns for an emotion that is fundamentally human love. To feelsomething as he states, “my heart yearned to be known and loved bythese amiable creatures: to see their sweet looks directed towards mewith affection was the utmost limit of my ambition” (Shelley146-147).

Continually,when the monster confronts Frankenstein. In this it quotes the Bible“Remember, that I am thy creature I ought to be thy Adam but I amrather the fallen angel, whom though drivest from joy for no misdeed”(Shelley 107). In this, it wanted to acknowledge the love of thecreator to its creation. Therefore, it’s evident that the monsterwanted to feel some love even from its creator. In addition as itobserved the peasant family it was fascinated “they loved andsympathized with one another and their joys depending on each other,were not interrupted by the casualties that took place around them”(Shelley 146). This change its mission as it now wanted to be knownand to find love. Since as the more he looked at the family, the morehe wanted their love protection and kindness to be directed to him.This made him believe that he can also experience love regardless ofhow he looked.

Furthermore,the absence of love in the monster’s life makes it violent andvengeful towards Dr. Frankenstein and his loved one. Its cruelty tothem is as a way of making its creator feel what its feeling. In thevalley of Chamonix where Victor was distressed after the monsterkilled his younger brother on grounds that he was a friend to itsenemy who he had sworn to avenge he encountered the monster (Shelley,2009). It is here where it pled for its innocence. In this, it alsobegged for a companion. The monster argues that it has sufferedbecause of its creator’s abandonment, and any guilt of itswrongdoing should rest on his shoulders. The monster also states thatits soul was full of love ’believe me, Frankenstein: I wasbenevolent my soul glowed with love and humanity: but am I notalone, miserably alone?’ (Ch. 10). Hence, all his revenge isoverruled by his inability to find the most fundamental of all humanneeds the need to be loved

Hence,the lack of love brought about by the abandonment of its creator thathas made the monster to do evil things (Shelley, 2009). When themonster lacked love the more, it saw the need for revenge on itscreator for not loving it. The monster also argues that Frankensteinshould make it a companion to end its misery. Since Frankenstein isthe one, which can make it a companion and that was what he must do.When he failed to do so, it wanted to destroy and kill all his lovedones for him too to be alone and feel the pain of loneliness. Inthis, it can be concluded that the monster is not defined by itssupernatural abilities but rather its quest for love and since thisis what dictates its moves (Shelley, 2009).

Victoralso loved Elizabeth so much as he has “never saw so much graceboth of a person and mind united to so little pretension.” He alsoloved her being as he describes “Her person was the image of hermind: her hazel eyes, although as lively as a bird`s possessed anattractive softness” (Shelley, 2009). In addition, he also admiredher greatly “I admired her understanding and fancy I loved to tendon her, as I should on a favorite animal.” However with this saidhe also abandoned her too many times (Shelley, 2009). He was drivenby his obsession to his work. He cuts off everyone including her evenshe too writes to him if wondering if he has found another woman.More so, the monster had promised to be with him on his wedding daybut he left her to check on the honeymoon lodge. In this, he losther. This demonstrates a lack of commitment to the person you love(Shelley, 2009).

However,in the story Hills like White Elephant the theme of love is not asevident. In this story a gentleman, the American, is trying to gethis girlfriend, Jig, to have an operation. In this, he tries to pushhis way and bully the woman to have the operation. The “simpleoperation” although not clearly defined in the story it ispurported to be an abortion. In this, we see the man beinginconsiderate of the implications that it might pose to the woman(Schneider, 2013). However, he just wants his position in a carefreerelationship to be secured. He tries to obtain this by suggesting theoperation to the woman in order to evade the burden of carrying theblame as Jig will say that she wants the abortion done. In addition,the American does not want to have the responsibility of a father inthat relationship.

Jigrealizes that she is not, especially when she does not do theoperation since the man says they will “have everything” if it’sdone. Things will go back to the way they were. However Jigcontradicts him, and by this gains control over the situation(Schneider, 2013). As she says, thing will not be the same even ifshe agrees to undertake the operation. This also is illustrated whenthe girl “looks across the river and sees fields of fertile grainand the river — the fertility of the land, contrasted to the barrensterility of the hills like white elephants.” This shows that shetoo desires fertility, beauty, and loveliness but is now faced withan abortion and a man who does not completely love her (Schneider,2013). From this exchange of words, we see the girl change from beingcompletely dependent on the man as she would rely on his view as whenshe commented about the hills looking like white elephants. To aperson who knows her position and she was happy for that as shesmiled at everyone.

Inthree stories, it is evident that the love in Rostand’s play is thehighest form of love. This is because it entails sacrifices that thecharacters take to support the others. In this, the best examplewould be when Cyrano went to see Roxane with a wound on the head. Heknew he might die because of that, but he still went. He went becausehe loved her completely with his whole heart and did not care aboutthe consequences (Rostand &amp Murrell, 2013). In this, the highestform of love is where one can forgo all their needs and wants foranother person. Also at the end as we see Cyrano reading Christiansletters in the dark and as a tear rolled down his face. Roxanerealized the tears on the letter were along his. As he said that theblood was minded Christians it symbolized the “romantic hero” heintended for her. His tears and Christian’s blood mixed uptogether. In another form of sacrifice, Cyrano supported hiscompetitor Christian to get the love of Roxane, this was simplybecause Roxane was attracted to Christian. In addition, Roxane toowas worth all the trouble since she was identified as the object ofdesire by both Cyrano and Christian (Rostand &amp Murrell, 2013).

Thelove in Hills like Elephant is also debatable since the American manloves Jig but also want her to abort in order for him to feel happy.In this, he tries to push his way since he knows that Jig clearlyloves him and will do everything for him. However in this was not tobe as Jig looked up to nature, and she found her solution in the waythe river flowed across the hill and in the trees. In that, she caredfor her unborn child, and the American man learned to appreciate heredecision. In addition, he said he loves her too even if she goes onwith the operation or not (Schneider, 2013).

Inthe story of Frankenstein, we witness how the absence of love canmake life unpleasant and undesirable making us inflict our pain onother people (Shelley, 2009). The monster quest for revenge wasfueled by the fact that he was lonely, and yet it yearned for someoneto love. It characterizes all of us of how we would react if we wereall alone in the world. In this, we would be monsters ourselves.

Inconclusion, as we have witnessed in this stories love is a verypowerful and very important. Without it, then the Frankensteinmonster would be us every day. In addition to all the foolish things,we might do, even though, crazy they should be justified by love. Bythis, we will have put warmth in the heart of many and removed thecoldness of others like the Frankenstein monster.


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