Lessons from Bicycle Riding

Lessonsfrom Bicycle Riding

Inmy lifetime, I have met so many people and I have always learnedsomething new from them. What I have learned is a kind of key in mylife as it has helped me achieve a lot. Let me talk of one of thethings that happened in my childhood.

WhenI was 7 years old, I always went outside to play with my age mates.During that time, I witnessed most children riding very coolbicycles, and with perfection. The children were a bit older andcould ride bicycles comfortably in turns. I was unable to ride abicycle at that time hence, I was afraid to play with them. The fearwas because they would laugh at me that I could not ride. However, Iwished that if I could know how to ride, I would be very happy. So Ialways hoped my parents could one day buy for me a bike.

Onmy 8th birthday party, I was given a bicycle as a gift. However, thiswas a problem to me because I had no idea how to ride a bicycle atthat time. I started developing fear that maybe my parents wouldbecome annoyed that they had bought a bicycle yet I did not know howto ride it. Furthermore, I became fearful that I would not know howto ride a bicycle because other children were able to do so at my ageyet I was still unable to ride as well as them. The bicycle was greyin colour, however I cannot recall its make but it was a mountainbike. It also had gears that I never used even for a single day. Mymother removed all the stickers that were mounted on it. I was nothappy riding a bike without stickers and therefore, I replaced itwith some which I had been collecting and saving since the idea ofgetting a bicycle occurred to me. Most of the stickers were ofRaccoons. I also installed reflective clips on most of the spokes. Mydad also assisted in improving the look and functionality of my newbicycle. For example, he attached grey basket and screwed somestabilizers that seemed loose. However, I cannot clearly recall thedays the stabilizers became loose.

Duringmy childhood, I found it challenging to learn how to ride a bicycle.The first time I tried to ride, my mother helped me hold my bike, andthe only thing I could do was to press the pedal with my foot.However, I really felt so happy for that. I felt that I would be ableto learn how to ride within a short time. In my mind, I thoughtriding was so easy for me. I also thought that riding involved simplyjumping into the bicycle, and starting to ride without maintainingthe right balance or eyesight so that obstacles are not hit or thebicycle does not run into ditches. But I forgot about my mom, whichwas wrong. This is because my mom had been assisting me in creatingthe right balance in the initial sessions of training, but in thisparticular instance, I was alone during practice. My mom had alsoensured I pressed the pedals well so that the right speed is createdduring training. I always remember the first time I fell down becauseI cycled the pedals too fast, and my mom could not follow my steps Ifell down, sat on the road and just cried uncontrollably. Then my momcame running to me and asked me “Are you ok? Where did you hurt?”But I did not realize this was not my mom’s fault and said somereally harsh words to her. Once again, I started developing the fearthat I could not learn how to ride completely. I developed a negativeattitude towards riding but I did not give up. I continued to trainon my own whenever I got the opportunity to train. However, I putmuch effort in ensuring I did not fall down while riding. After amonth, I finally learned how to ride. I was able to ride at any speedas well as overtake other riders and even vehicles on the highways.Also, I learned two things from riding.

However,I do remember well the day I went for my cycling proficiency test.This was when I was 12 years old. My parents and older friendsbriefed me on the seriousness of the event. This made me filled withdread, few weeks before the text. Therefore, before the test, I spentmost of my afternoon sessions practising on pedalling and signallingarm. During this time, I also envisioned traffic cones that will belaid before me during the test. I not only survived but also passedthe test. After this experience, I started to neglect my bicycle, Ibecame a teenage and I was no longer interested in cycling. Mybicycle remained neglected in the garage. I cannot even remember whenmy parents gave it away.

Thefirst thing I learned is never to give up. I had seen so many peoplein my area give up some things for no reason. If I gave up learninghow to ride when I first fell down, I could have failed to know howto ride. I also learned that in case of difficulty, it is importantto try again before giving up.

Secondthing I learned is family support. The family is always supportiveregardless of the challenge. It is important not to say some harshwords to your family members because the people who are willing tohelp you are always loved ones. I learned this when my mom comfortedme when I fell down while learning to ride a bicycle as well as whenshe assisted me during a number of learning sessions.

Furthermore,riding a bicycle is good for health. In the present day, as a collegestudent who does not have enough time to do exercise every day,bicycle provides a good opportunity to replace exercise hours. Forexample, I usually drive a car to school now because I want to go toclass on time. However, sometime I choose to ride a bicycle. Keepingriding a bicycle several times per week helps me improve my health toa good position. I do not need to go to the gym many times becausebike riding offers the alternative. Therefore, bicycle becomes myfriend to maintain my health.

Itwas new. It was certainly the most impressive thing in my life as achild. Moreover, it was all mine and finally, I could cycle aroundwith other children in my neighbourhood. Therefore, owning a bicycletaught me to be so responsible. This is because I had theresponsibility of taking care of the bicycle by ensuring that itfunctioned well and it was clean always.

Finally,bicycle reminds me that people are responsible to protect nature. Airquality becomes worse now. One important reason is that there arelarge amounts of automobile exhaust emissions. Making more exhaustemissions is not a smart move. There are many ways to improve currentenvironment status. Bicycle is one of effective methods to gain abetter environment. Bike riding protects the environment in that itcontributes to our blue sky as it emits zero exhaust.

Thisevent will assist me in future by enabling me to be determined toachieve what I want no matter the circumstances I am undergoing.Thus, I will never give up whenever I want to do somethingirrespective of the level of challenges I face while trying toachieve them. I will also appreciate people who are ready and willingto help me achieve anything in life.