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Letterto the Editor

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CherylBergman and Linda Shubert Interactive Strategies: TimeManagement, Prioritization, and Delegation Wolters Kluwer HealthLippincott Williams &ampWilkins

DearEditor It is following my interest to learn about timemanagement that I was attracted to this article. I am a nursingstudent pursuing my nursing degree at Cambridge University. For thisreason, I read with much concentration Bergman and Shubert article“Interactive Strategies: Time Management, Prioritization, andDelegation.” The authors give theoretical and practical strategiesfor time management, prioritization, and delegation both in academicand healthcare setting. I agree with the two authors that delegation,time management, and prioritization are vital skills to help traineenurses to transit into professional nurses.

Iagree the with all easy-to-use strategies to prioritize, delegate,and manage time given by the authors. Sullivan,Kiovsky,Mason,Hill,Dukes(2015)urge that new nurses should be accountable to deliver high-qualityservices. Therefore, they should be determined to improve managementskills, delegation skills, effective response to emergencies, andability to determine the activity to give the priority.

Itis high time that employers understand that new nurses do not havesufficient skills in time management, prioritization, and delegationto handle any nursing activity alone. However, this should not be abig deal. Instead, they should help them transit from a student intoa professional nurse. Finally, I give special thanks to Bergman andShubert for this efficient and educative article.

Sincerely MaxwellJohnson Nursing student


Sullivan,M., Kiovsky, R. D., Mason, D. J., Hill, C. D., &amp Dukes, C.(2015). Interprofessional Collaboration and Education.&nbspAJNThe American Journal of Nursing,&nbsp115(3),47-54.