Life Changing Events

LifeChanging Events

Moreoften than not, life is seen as a culmination of numerous episodesand events, each of which come with lessons regarding the things thatindividuals should or should not have done in both the long-term andthe short-term. Perhaps one of the most appropriate mantras in thecontemporary human society is that no matter how bad a situation is,there is always a silver lining and a lesson to be learnt and appliedin the future life of an individual (Moning 49). Of course, this factis not always obvious to individuals particularly when they are intough situations. Nevertheless, the key to coming out of toughsituations is to acknowledge the immense power that resides in eachindividual and using it to patiently work one’s way out ((Dosick 67). This is I realized late last year when I got into a pretty muchtough situation.

Atthat time, I was living with my mother in the suburbs. As much as mymother has never really been on a well paying job, she has alwaysstrived to ensure that me and my brother get the best of life or atleast never lack anything that we really need. However, I had startedrealizing that it was becoming more and more difficult for mom tokeep up. Indeed, in instances where we asked her for something, hermind would seem to stray and she became distant after which she wouldeventually say that she would see what she could do. This was notlike the mom that I had known for some years. Ultimately, sheconfided in me that she had, five months earlier, lost one of herjobs that was actually the backbone of her finances. She had tried tohide this fact in the hope that she would eventually lad another job,but it had become increasingly difficult to keep up with thatlifestyle. Her finances were used up and she was finding it quitedifficult to keep up with our demands. This revelation could not comeat a worse time as I had actually planned to make her promise to buyme a mountain bike that I really needed, something that I could notbring myself to do now that she had made me privy to her predicament.

Essentially,I left for the supermarket with some few dollars in my pocket aimingat getting some snacks and medications that my mother needed. Justwhen I was heading to the checking out counter, three individuals inblack hoods stormed the supermarket and demanded that we all liedown. As much as the incident brought some confusion, all people lieddown hoping that the thugs would simply grab some coins and rush outin no time. However, the thugs seemed to take their sweet time andwere in no hurry to get out. Eventually, it became clear that theentire thing was going to be a hold up. I could not believe that Iwas going to not only lose the few coins that stood between my motherand her health but also precious time and possibly my life. Why didthis have to happen just when we were really struggling to savecoins? Essentially, I had to make a quick decision regarding what Iwas going to do. This is where my Boy Scout training came in handy.

First,I scanned the area to determine whether there was any thug around whocould see me. While I could see some of them in the vicinity, theirvision was blocked by the shelves in which case they could not seeme. I could see one door that seemed to head to the back door. Therewas absolutely no harm in seeing what lied behind there, in whichcase I dashed to it with minimal disruption and got to the doorbefore the thugs could even realize what was happening. On getting tothe other room, I realized that the exit door was a locked and theindividuals with the keys were probably holed up in the main lobby.Of course going back was not an option at that time, in which case Ihad to look for an item that I could use to break the door. A metalchair seemed to be appropriate for the job but unfortunately, theredid not seem to be any way that I could use it without making noiseand possibly attracting the attention of the thugs. Essentially, Iput one of its edges into one of the gaps and wedged the lock off. Asmuch as the lock did not open, it came off the door alongside thehinges. Now that I could get out, it seemed a bit morally wrong toescape without making any attempt to get some of the individuals fromthe main lobby.

Inessence, I made my way back trying as much as I could to arouse theleast attention. Upon reaching the door, I could see a group ofindividuals holed up in a corner trying to hide from the view of thethugs. There was no way of communicating with them, in which case Igot a shiny piece of metal and tried to reflect some ray of light totheir direction for a split second then pull it back. This arousedtheir attention to my direction, in which case I beckoned them.Fortunately, a group of 8 people managed to get to the door, in whichcase I got them to the backside exit. Once they were at the door, Iwent back for some more and managed to get 6 other people.Unfortunately, the thugs heard the commotion and came to check outwhat was happening. Unfortunately, I was at the back end of the queueto the exit, in which case I had to make a choice between fighting afruitless battle with the thugs and running away. None of the optionsseemed safe. Instead, I pulled some boxes down just as the thugs weregetting to the room. One of them saw me, came to where I was andpointed the gun on my head asking me where the others were. I toldhim that no one else was in the area and that just the boxes hadfallen creating the commotion. He seemed to buy my story and by thetime he went checking the exit, the individuals had already run off.In fact, the exited individuals had already alerted the police as tothe existence of the opening, which was what they used to attack andbring down the thugs. I did not know that the entire episode wasbeing recorded on the CCTV cameras and relayed to the TV stationsmaking me an instant celebrity. Giving interviews with my mom in theroom resulted in numerous job offers for mom, the most fundamental ofwhich was one from the company that she had been sacked some monthsearlier. Of course, I expected her to take it back. She, however,looked at me and my brother, shook her head at the Human Resourcemanager who had come with the offer, and stated categorically, “No.I am a full-time mother now”.


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