Loving someone is simply a magical experience. It is difficult to


envision that you can love a boyfriend and make so many sacrifices.Most of these sacrifices are unimaginable given the context ofanother person. It is easy for people in love to feel likecontemporary Romeo and Juliet, always moving around holding hands,kissing publicly, running away from home to be together and worststill lying to each other how you would even die for your partner.Almost everyone has experienced love probably more than once withdifferent people, which makes the whole concept of falling in lovewith one perfect person a fallacy. If it is possible to becomeattracted to different people, it simply means there is no perfectperson, which is better felt when breaking up with a boyfriend.

Breaking up is hard, especially when one thinks they have found thebest person. It becomes worse if you had a future planned together,and after telling everyone how the relationship is working perfectly.It is not just embarrassing but stressing. Having to try to reconnectto those friends one abandoned, just because they thought they werein love, and no longer needed girlfriends. Worse off calling them andcrying, saying how much the ex-boyfriend has hurt them. The break upis not easy and it could even lead to desperation. There are momentswhen one will hold on to their phone all through hoping that theboyfriend will still call. One might even become an investigator,becoming aware of the ex’s every move, just to reassure themselvesthat he may still return, or worse calling the person just to heartheir voice.