MayQuiet Day Spa

MayQuietDay Spa

MayQuietDay Spa

MayQuietDay Spa is a new upscale destination in Alameda County, CA, offeringa complete day spa experience. We offer seven ultra-chic,ultra-comfortable treatment rooms with the finest spa linens andequipment. We offer massage in a variety of styles traditionalSwedish Massage, Deep Tissue work, How Stones Massage and others aswell as facial and body treatments. We also have antioxidant andanti-aging products and techniques. Pedicure is only offered if it ispart of a Kneipp’s Arnica or Calendula Foot and Leg ReflexologyTreatment. Our mission is to provide high end therapeutic massage andaesthetic services.

MayQuietDay Spa is sole proprietorship in Fremont owned by Wenyuan Cui with aprospect of hiring between 10 and fifteen employees. Statisticsindicates that medical spa salons ate some of the fastest growingbusinesses. There are more than 2500 medical spas in the US and overthree quarters of women prefer their services. According to ISPA,there are over 12,000 spas in US and Canada, with seventy percentoperating as day spas. In Alameda County, there are several day spasand a number of licensed massage therapists. However, there are a fewof them with the range of services offered by .Additionally, spa services in the county range $70 – $90 per hour,which is beyond the reach of the majority. we are targeting thegeneral population in the county mainly the injured, athletes andthose in need of pampering services.

Ourmain competitor will be AvalonSpa &amp Salon, a salon with some spa services. Andalusia Day Spa isalso within our vicinity, but their services are relativelyexpensive, charging $80 per hour ( Thestandard changes in low income and saturated residential areas in thecountry are about $40 per hour.

Ihave a long term and short term exit plans. In the long term, I wouldlet the business run dry by itself. Since it is a sole proprietorbusiness, I will sell the business if it grows bigger. When I will beexiting the business, I will increase my salary and bonuses. I wouldthen settle the remaining debts and liquidate the assets. The shortterm exit plan would be selling the business directly.