From:Ty Richardson

March3, 2015


  1. Problem Statement

Therate of employee turnover, and the associates to be specific, hasraised an alarm. Recently, in the past six months, we have lost threesenior associates: Bill whiting then Cory Williamson, Doug forest andMcCollum. Most of the associates have explained the reason forleaving the firm to increasing workload and performance expectations.Further most of them claim that they are not fairly compensated.Inour world of business, a high rate of employee turnover can be asignificant problem. It will cost the company to find, train, andhire a suitable replacement.

  1. Recommendations

  1. Our company should conduct an employee salary survey among our competitors and on our current employees. The purpose is to establish whether we are currently underpaying the employees relative to our competitors. Further, get feedback from our employees through an independent survey whether they are comfortable with the current salary levels, their opinion and suggested solutions.

  2. Our company should conduct a job survey. It shall establish the work load on each employee and the level of stress associated with executing their tasks.&nbspIf an employee`s work is stressful, monotonous, or extremely difficult, different jobs with comparatively easy workloads will start to look very attractive. The company needs to establish a benefits plan beyond the salaries.

  3. We should consider encouraging friendly employee relationships. The company needs an established program that will link the seniors and their juniors to function like a family.

Isuggest we conduct a team-building workshop for one of the weekendsso that we can have direct contact with them while we carry outactivities together.

  1. We need to place a suggestion box in our offices. It will enable the employees to communicate their problems with the management without the fear of victimisation.

Further,there is need to conduct exit interviews to establish the actualcause for the employee to leave the company.

  1. We need to have a check at our human resource policies to hire more selectively. To establish whether we are obtaining the right staff, personal characteristics and qualifications should be highly evaluated when hiring. Skills evaluation establishes whether the employee has what it takes to increase our business value. Intelligence of the associates should also be evaluated to find out the levels of creativity and the ability to perform under pressure. The personality tests establish whether the candidate can fit in our work culture. Finally, we need to conduct a commitment test to find out if our new recruits have the commitment that the company is looking for. Some of the staff turnover could be as a result of incompetency. There has been a new employee: McCaskey. She has been setting new standards on each assignment she has handled. She is very skilful.

  2. The organisations organisational structure needs to be reviewed. It needs to create more room for career development among the staff. Further, we need to reduce the number of employees managed by one supervisor. Some of our old employees need to be promoted to managerial operations since they have obtained enough experience.

  1. Factors

  1. Selerie’s reputation: The Company’s reputation will be at risk due to the high employee turnover. Corporate reputation is a company`s intangible assets. As a hidden asset of the company, a favourable and unique reputation will assist Seleris to attract the outstanding talents, raise the bargaining chip with clients and potential partners, and enhance clients’ loyalty. What is more, the company`s reputation and corporate income are closely related.

  2. Employee motivation: Seleris employees need inspiration to enhance their motivation and creativity. It will strengthen the company’s energy, its competition power and promote its development. Their high efficiency and high quality of work can not only improve clients’ satisfaction, but also help the company to build up favorable corporate identity.

  1. Alternative Solutions

  2. Solution 1: You should meet privately with Mr Malone and explain to him the importance of employee loyalty to the success of the company. In addition, try to give Malone another chance to work for Selerie.

Solution2:Youneed to fireMalone. He is so rude to employees. He does not listen to theircomplaints instead, he threatens to replace them with new employees.

Solution3:you need to hire more employees to replace the ones who have left. Itwill release the pressure on the present employees.

  1. Comparison of Solutions (see Exhibit 1)

Comparingwith the above twoalternatives, the first solution canreduce the company’semployeeturn over to acertain extent.There is a tendency of Mr Malone not to change due to his arrogance.However, a small degree of change from him will increase theemployee’s motivation. In addition, there are chances for witchhunting by Mr Malone on the remaining employees of the company.Thesecond solutioncan reduce the profits due to Mr. Malone’s influence on thecompany’s allocation of projects.

  1. Implementation Plan

Firstly,the company should include employee welfares on the company profilein the business magazines, including the company type, company goals,corporate culture, andbusinesstype, inorder topublicize our company and improve the company`s popularityamong job seekers.

Second,the company should campaign and unleash its intention to balancebetween its people and profits to the remaining employees.

Solution3 will create a status of relief among the current employees.