To:Mr. Pete Pham, Director of Saigon Pete`s food trucks.

From:Mr. X, theMidtownRoute food truck manager.

March 4, 2015

Proposal for Expanding Saigon Pete`s Business

Theobjective of this memo is requesting you to consider the SaigonPete’s business expansion model I have developed. The investmenthas grown consistently since its foundation. The Company’s brandhas become very popular for the last four years the company has beenin running. In addition, Saigon Pete`s is still the only organizationspecializing in preparing Vietnamese foods in the entireneighborhood.

Recently,an influx of Vietnamese nationals in the city has increased the banhmi food substantially. The high demand has ensured that all thetrucks are profitable. I am proposing that Saigon Pete`s establisheda brick and mortar restaurant specializing in serving banh mi on bothlunch and dinner menu. Presently, three Vietnamese restaurants servebanh mi meals for both lunch and takeout menu. However, they do notserve the diets during dinner. Saigon Pete`s can fill the market gapby becoming the first physical restaurant serving Vietnamese foodduring dinner.

Iam proposing establishing a physical restaurant because the councilis considering enacting stricter policies after the restaurant ownerscomplained that the food trucks are causing parking problems andtraffic issues. The new policy will make it more challenging tosecure parking, as well as acquire the necessary licenses.Nonetheless, I am proposing that you let me handle the responsibilityof scheduling trucks, renewing licenses and monitoring suitablelocations the trucks can consider. I understand that your present jobcovers the duties I am requesting to take.

Ihave the skills and experience of holding this office because I haveworked for the company since its establishment. I also understand thecustomers’ requirements, the requirements of various licensingboards and ability. In addition, my sales records are unsurpassed. Iunderstand the needs of customers comprehensively therefore, I amthe best candidate for the managerial position. The other twomanagers have both expressed their interest in taking my previousposition as the Midtown manager. My new job position will provide youwith the autonomy you need to act as the manager of the new fleet offood trucks.

Iam looking forward to a positive response or even further discussionon the topic. Thank you.