Most Powerful Person in the World


MostPowerful Person in the World

Thearticle, USFederal Reserve to end quantitative easing programme,written by Monaghan Angela provides information concerning theFederal Reserve quantitative easing programme. According to thearticle, Federal Reserve board chair confirmed the conclusion of afive-year quantitative easing programme in October 2014. This wasafter there was an injection of $4.5 trillion over a period of fiveyears. The article records that during the time of announcing thequantitative easing, the Fed indicated that there were substantialimprovements in the labor market outlook since the beginning of itsasset buying programme. Since the committee was looking forward toseeing the strength in the wider economy, it made a decision to endits asset buying programme in October 2014 (Monaghan, 2014).

Accordingto the article, the announcement was to bring to a conclusion aprogramme that had marked a departure of United States monetarypolicy, the moment it became launched in December, 2008. Besides, thearticle notes that in spite of the conclusion of its bond-purchasingprogramme, monetary policy of U.S. remains very loose, having aninterest rate ranging from zero to 0.25% from December, 2008. Inaddition, the article provides that the Federal committee wasexceedingly positive on the economic outlook based on the programme(Monaghan, 2014).

Thearticle supports the idea that the Chair of the Federal Reserveemerges as one of the most powerful positions in the United Statesand possibly in the entire world. This is because the person thatacts as the Chair of the Federal Reserve provides crucial informationthat influences economy of the United States for instance, thedecision made influences interest rates. The position can also beindicated as one of the most powerful positions in the world becauseonce a decision is made by the Chair and influences the U.S. economy,it will also have an influence on the global economy since the U.S.economy is one of the largest global economies that influence othereconomies.


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