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MyAutobiography To Date


MyAutobiography To Date

Myname is Ali Alzahrani and I come from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I wasborn in 1995, and I spent my childhood ages in Saudi Arabia, I havelived almost my whole life in Saudi Arabia, until I was 19, when Imoved to Portland, United States in 2011. After seven months inPortland, I relocated to Bozeman, in 2012. Currently I am undertakingmy degree major in Electrical Engineering, which I have enrolled for3 semesters. My degree program came after I finished one year inEnglish classes.

Sincemy time in elementary school back in Saudi Arabia, my dream has beento become an engineer, specifically, an electrical engineer. Since Icame to the United States, I have looked forward to achieving mydream and become a qualified electrical engineer. This is slowlybecoming a reality as I am in the university undertaking my course,as I aspire to become an electrical engineer expert

Fromthe time I was young, different people have been by role models.Different people have directly or indirectly contributed to mymaking, or to who I am today. One of the people who have been veryimportant and influential in my life is my dad, Mohammed Aldurayhim.He has always been my driving force to perform better in school, hehas always been there for me, to mentor and guide as well as tosupport me throughout my life, both in Saudi Arabia and USA. My dadhas a master’s degree in accounting, and he has been encouraging meto achieve the highest educational level possible. Other people whohave contributed to my making include my elementary teacher, back inSaudi Arabia, my current lectures, as well as friends, who havealways supported me. Moreover, there are places which havecontributed to who I am today. One is the Bozeman, Montana, at MSU,which I heard about it since I was in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Iparticipate in swimming and playing soccer, during my free time. Thesports activity has as well contributed in shaping who I am today.

Throughoutmy life, there have been life changing events which contributed tothe making of who I am today. One such experience is my high schoollife, which despite being challenging it gave me the chance tochoose between furthering my education or professional swimming. Myhigh school experience greatly contributed to the making of myengineering career. Currently, I am a full time student, working hardto achieve my first degree in Electrical Engineering. In addition, amlooking forward to achieving my lifetime goals of getting a good jobin an established company, help improve its outcome. Other goalsinclude helping my dad in managing the family business, as I lookforward to starting my own company (Prescott, 2012).

Bothnature and nurture have contributed to what I am today. In my family,I am the eldest son in our family. We are five of us in the family, 2boys and 3 girls and then my mum and dad. I look more like my father,and being the eldest, I have been entrusted with the family businesswhile my dad isn’t around, as I have taken after him in terms ofhard work, being kind hearted, as well as being short tempered. Ilike to be responsible, and take things in my own way, but alwaysseeks advice or help when am not sure of what to do. Having lived inthe United States, I have experienced a different culture away fromhome, which has helped me to accommodate people from other differentcommunities. Once I am through with my education in the UnitedStates, I look forward to returning to my home country, as I will beready to have my family, and raise my children. I look forward tohaving four kids, 2 boys and 2 girls.


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