My brand Standing out

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Mybrand: Standing out


Mybrandis “Standing Out”. Iam targeting thejobpositionof salesmanagerin a foodprocessing industry.Someof theskillsthat makemestandout forthisjobincludeeffectivecommunication,analytical,curiosity,experimentation, networking, andsocialmedia skills.Mycompetitiveadvantageisbasedon thefactthatIam brave,masterof change,empathetic, self-driven, andresponsible.However,Ihaveto addressa fewweaknesses,includingemotionalinvolvement,theneedforapproval,andself-limiting belief.Mygoalsincludeadoptingthesupportingbuyingcycle,overcomingtheperceptionof lowmoneytolerance,andcontrollingmyemotionaltolerance.Someof thetraitsthat definemeas a brandincludebeingself-motivation, achievementoriented,sociable,upholdingthe integrity,creativity, communication,andeffectivelistening. Iwill promotemyselfthrough MySpartanCareer andsocialize mybrandon Twitter, LinkedInandFacebook. Someof theintermediariesthat will leadmeto mytargetcareerincludetherecruitment agencies(suchas Adecco U.S.A), supervisors,andjobadvertisingfirms, suchas MySpartanCareer.Targetmarket:

  1. Position and industry: Food Processing Company Sales Manager

  2. Skills needed for the position:

  • Communication

  • Analytical

  • Innovation

  • Networking

  • Marketing

  • Writing


  1. Competitive advantage

  • My college education will give me the background knowledge about what is required in the field of marketing.

  • The leadership roles I have carried out&nbspduring my academic life have prepared me for more challenging leadership positions as the leader of the sales teams

  • My bravery will allow me to tackle big and challenging task in the marketing department.

  • I feel that I am a master of change, which is a much-needed quality in a constantly changing sector.

  • I am quite empathetic and this will help me identify with our customers and understand what they need so that I can advise the company to produce goods that address the exact needs of the target customers.

  • I am internally-driven and focused to accomplish the goals I set as well as the goals set by my team.

  • I feel I am enthusiastic, and this will help me keep all employees under my leadership as well as the target customers happy and satisfied.

  • I have a strong sense of responsibility, which will help me accept omissions and errors in my department rather than passing the blame to other departments or individuals.

  1. Weaknesses

  • I think I easily get emotionally involved, especially when I lose a deal or miss that target.

    • To address this weakness, I will learn how to keep my composure and avoid reacting too quickly to any situation.

  • I have a record of being in need for approval, which might limit my ability to address regular rejections and heartbreaking situations in the sales department.

    • I plan to address this weakness by taking criticisms as suitable opportunities to learn in my personal as well as professional life.

  • I have a self-limiting belief that selling is hard and it is the only determinant of the organization’s success.

    • To address this weakness, I will develop a habit of reading the stories of successful marketing managers in order to change my attitude towards the sales docket.


  1. To be able to control my emotions when communicating with other people by the end of the year

  • I will measure my ability to succeed in achieving this goal by assessing my capacity to avoid getting emotionally involved when other people give opinions that are central to my thoughts.

  1. To overcome the perception of low money tolerance by the end of this semester

  • To achieve this, I will start getting inquisitive and inquire about how things cost, how much other people spend, and how much they make. This is important to a sales manager because it will help me understand how much the target clients will be&nbspwilling to pay for the food products.

  1. To adopt a supportive buy cycle by the end of the year

  • This&nbspis based on the idea that the way a person buys is the way that a person sells. I will achieve the goal by identifying my behaviors that do not support the process of selling. This will involve making my purchases without hesitation and trusting my purchase decisions.


  1. Product

  1. Brand statement: I am persistent, resourceful, and a sociable person, who value integrity and innovation and is great at communicating and analyzing.

  2. Characteristics

  • Being a persistent person is critical in the marketing docket because it will help me keep going in spite of the myriad of challenges.

  • As a resourceful person, I will be able to share my knowledge, experience, and skills with other workers ion the sales department.

  • My character of being a sociable person will help me to socialize with co-workers and understand what they value in life.

  • Integrity is an essential trait that will help me practice strong moral standard at work and as an example to employees under my leadership.

  • A value for innovation is traits that will help me design strategies that will help the marketing department address emerging challenges and increase competitiveness.

  • Being an effective communicator is essential in the marketing department because it will help me inform the target consumers about the products in a convincing way.

  • My ability to analyze situations will help me assess and determine what needs to be done in every situation that prevails in the market.

  1. Auxiliary dimensions

  • My auxiliary dimensions include my Bachelors degree and an affiliation with the Food Marketing Association.

  1. Promotion

  • I intend to market myself by identifying careers in the food industry incredible sites (such as MySpartanCareer) and uploading my credentials to potential employer companies.

  • Since I have already built my brand, I will move a step ahead and socialize it by introducing it to the external world through the social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

  1. Place

  1. Intermediaries / channels:

  • Recruitment advertising agency, MySpartanCareer

  • My final project supervisor

  • Recruitment agency, Adecco U.S.A

  1. The most preferred location for my job is Lansing, Michigan.


Theassignmentprovidedmewith an opportunityto reviewmystrengthsandweaknesses,seehowIcan applymystrengthsin marketingmyself,andhowIcan addressmyweaknesses.In addition,theassignmentpushedmeto explorewaysof settingcareergoals,which is criticalfora studentwhois aspiringto securea competitiveanda challenging jobin thefuture.Moreover,theexerciseallowedmeto exploreotherfactors,apartfrom theacademicachievement,thatare necessaryfora salesmanager.Thesefactorsincludethepersonaltraitsthat determinehowthemanagerwill behaveandinteractwith co-workers andcustomers.In overall, thisassignmenthas givenmea platformto marketmybrandandincreasemycompetitiveness in securinga salesmanagerjobin thefoodindustry.Moreover,thetraitsandstrengthsof aneffectivemanagerthat Imanagedto explorein thisassignmentwill helpmein becomingan outstandingmanager.