My Father, My Hero Number

MyFather, My Hero


MyFather, My Hero

Heis very caring always there for me, in short, he has been my hero.This is my father, the man who has been my backbone, and aninspiration to me. Role models are an essential person to one’slife, and can take different persons such the teacher, parent(s), oreven a close friend. Just like every young person, out there, I havemy role model, and who turns to be my father and role model at thesame time. Role models have direct or indirect impact to one’slife. I always looked to emulate my father who was and still is myrole model since I was young. I always admire my father, his hardwork and dedication both in the family and in his business.

Whymy father, my hero? My father has the best qualities both as a fatherand as a role model. He is passionate and able to inspire. He hasinspired me to what I am today as well as training me to be good atwhat I do. He leads by example, and has always given me guidelineswhenever I need it. He also has other qualities such as being wise,honest, as well as being a professional breeder.

SalamAlhawiti, from Saudi Arabia is my father’s name. Born in 1942, myfather grew in very challenging background. Being the eldest son, ina family of ten children, his dairy work was grazing of sheep, whichwas the only source of income for him as they were in a nomadiccommunity. My father grew up in the hardships having to forgo hiseducation, in order to cater for the rest of his brothers andsisters. He married my mother while still in his father’s house,and it was a challenging situation. My eldest sister, who is hisfirst born, was born after three years of marriage. However, at thispoint, he (my father) realized there was needed to go to school. Hehad sent 22 years of his age, without attending school, but hisdesire for education never died. Despite the challenging environmentof being a father and student, he managed to combine the two,however, after his second born, he decided to quit school, and takecare of the family. This was the time he moved to the city, andjoined the government, military, where he served for 25 years.

Fromthe salary he received while in military, my father managed to securea house for the family. After retiring from the forces, he decided tostart a business. Through his savings, he started a small company. Wehelped him work in the company as we provided the labor, towards thegrowth of the family business. Am proud of my father hard work. Heraised us, his children in a way that we were proud of and made usfeel special. He has been the best father to us, as he doesn’tfavor any one of his children. One of his strengths as my role model,he has always encouraged us to be good in our talents, and we canmake our talents our profession. When I decided to move to the UnitedStates to further, my education, and my father was my supporternumber one, as he encouraged me to make myself great, by doing what Ilike.

Inthe eyes of other parents in Saudi Arabia, he may not be different,but the way he treated us as his children, made him a special personto use, and this why I have admired him and look upon being like him.When I look into my father’s life since he was young, and theenvironment he grew in, he has worked hard to give us a better lifethan what he experienced. He has worked hard for us to have a betterlife than what he had. He always said, if he grew in the sameenvironment like us, he would be a different man today. He alwaysencouraged me and my siblings to embrace opportunities in life whenthey come along, as well as encouraging us to be prayerful, andthankful to God for what we have.

Insummary, am greatly proud of my father, and I look forward to beinglike him, hardworking, encouraging, and always being the best I can.I look forward to becoming a father like my father to my children aswell. He is truly my hero, has been my role model, and will alwaysremain my role model. Father you are my hero.