Nancy Pelosi


NancyPelosi is a prominent politician in the U.S. She is currently theminority leader of house of representative and the immediate formerspeaker of the house. has made a name for herself sincebeing involved in politics. She first started out as a volunteer androse her way to the top and finally got her first political role asthe house of representative for the 12Thdistrict in California. is one of the most notable andinfluential women in the world as she was ranked 26thbythe Forbes magazine in 2014 on the list of the 100 most powerfulwomen in the world. In addition, will go down in historyas she is the first female democratic leader as well as the firstfemale speaker of the house. Being a prominent politician and apublic figure, has been making headlines ranging frompolitics and her recent appearance. For example over the last coupleof days, has made headlines because of her disapprovalof Israeli’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech on thefloor of the House of Representatives. The minority leader expressedher displeasure with the Prime Minister’s remarks in his speech onthe U.S negotiations with Iran over its Iran’s nuclear weaponsprogram. In fact, the minority leader expressed that she was almostdrawn to tears during the Prime Minister’s speech because hisremarks undermined the U.S intelligence and ability to negotiate withIran (Lavender).In addition, the minority leader has eyebrows with her recent looksafter undergoing a plastic surgery. Lindsey Graham, a republicansenator from South Carolina has been making fun on the minorityleader’s plastic surgeries claiming that it is disgusting to havegone through the surgeries.

NancyPelosi is a public figure and of course since she is a politicianmost of the headlines and news coverage about her will revolve aboutpolitics. This may range from news headlines about what she is doingin the 12thdistrict of California to her opinion on how the government or howthe republicans are tackling issues of governance. isregularly featured in the news due to her seniority and leadership inthe house of representative. For example, the minority leader hasbeen making headlines on her opinion about Prime Minister Netanyahu’sspeech. She also made headlines for celebrating with the Giants whenthey won the MLB world title. Just recently, she made news when sheribbon cut the installation of a movable median barrier on the GoldenGate Bridge in California.

NancyPelosi is an active politician and since we are in the digital era,she uses an array of digital media in conducting her business andcommunicating her schedule with the public. For instance, theminority leader has own website by the name, in thiswebsite she discusses her schedule for the day, future events and heropinion and discussion about important issues. The minority leaderuses digital media to communicate to her constituents this couldrange from the use of her official webpage, her e-newsletters to thesocial media such as Facebook, twitter and flicker. usually uses her website and online sites to communicate with herconstituents for example she has her own website where the publiccan directly contact her through e-mail. In addition, she has alisted mailing address where the public can drop a letter at heroffice on Capitol Hill or in San Francisco.

NancyPelosi is tech savvy and she has some representation on Facebook,twitter, flicker, You Tube and also on instagram. Her website andsocial media sites are easy to use and navigate not to mention herphotograph which is evident in all her social media accounts. Theyare simple but sophisticates for instance her Facebook page has abackground of the Capitol Hill. has a huge following onher twitter account and Facebook. In twitter she has over half amillion followers and it is important to mention that both herFacebook and twitter accounts are easily identifiable as they havethe same photograph of and both share the same Capitolhill backgrounds. also has her own dedicated page on YouTube. The page has some of her videos or videos in which she wascaptured while discussing issues of national importance. Her flickerpage is characterized by many photos of the representative while onofficial or volunteer duties in various parts around the country.

Despite being tech savvy and having a large online presenceother types of media have been used to share the story of NancyPelosi. Two books can be particularly insightful about .The first book has been written by Molly Mayhead and Brenda Marshallin the title, “Women’s Political Discourse”. The book featuresseveral stories and achievements of women in politics such asJeannette Rankin, Hillary Clinton and also . The secondbook under the title “Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling”details the progress of women in congress and talks about Nancy’sPelosi emergence to the Speaker of the House.


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