Narrative Introduction




Myname is Patricia (Patti) Acord and I am enrolled on RN to BSNprogram. As a family, we love spending weekends and holidaystogether. My sister is five years older than me. She took supervisorypositions when we were young and up to date she guides me on someaspects of life such as education, marriage, work, and so on. I likereading novels and the latest fashion magazines, as well as, watchingthe drama movies. I usually visit the gym close to our home on aweekly basis and sometimes spend nights in the movie theatres. I findthis combination of hobbies relevant to my life since their promotehappiness and personal development (Herman, 2011).

Ihave lived in two towns so far in Dexter and St. Louis, which areboth in Mo. Dexter is a small town, with low population, but, hasadequate facilities such as water and power supplies. From 2000 to2010, I lived in the city of St. Louis where I attended the nursingschool at Jefferson college from 2004-2006. I graduated with an AASdegree in May 2006. I worked as a registered nurse for four years inSt. Louis, until later when I returned to my home town of Dexter, Moin February 2010. From 2010, I have been working with BlackRiverMedical Center as a RN in the Emergency Dept. Working in your societyis enjoyable and fulfilling. I love my home town and am planning towork for BlackRiver Medical Center possibly for the next ten years. Ilove my job and particularly because am working in my home town. Atthe same time, I feel like am giving back to society, whichfacilitated my growth when I was young.


Herman,D. (2011). BasicElements of Narrative.Hoboken: John Wiley &amp Sons.