Negative News



Tothe Marketing and Sales Manager,





Re:Changeof Plans for New Spring Campaign

First,I would like to thank you for the continuous support which you havegiven our company for over ten years. As the account manager for XYZCompany dealing with that purchase media ads for clients, I mustadmit that, the success we have witnessed in the recent past couldnot have been possible without your assistance, as you have acted asone of the major business leads, thus resulting to a rapid growth inour business portfolio.

Themain goal of XYZ Company is to ensure that, our clients reap maximumbenefits once their ads are purchased on different media outlets. Itis in this light that, I would like to thank Fleetwood Sport for theheavy investment they have made in this sector through XYZ Company,by allowing us to remain as their agent for the above stated numberof years. However, it is our strong feeling that, the upcoming newspring campaign for Fleetwood`s outdoor equipment collection,including high-tech camping, biking, and rock climbing gear may failto attain the expected outcome in the majority our targeteddemographics.

Thisis based on the fact that, the new radio host where our slots for theads would feature, only appeals to the over-50 demographic. While youhave faith in his previous job assignments, Fleetwood may fail toattain its targets within his new show, thus we request you to allowus to relocate the ads time from 5 to 9 pm to 6-10 am but within thesame duration (May and June).

Wewill highly appreciate your understanding as your satisfactionremains our priority.