Neuro-Psychological Testing Number




‘Neuropsychological’testing is a method of assessing that is contained in a broader areaof psychology. By definition, these tests are performed based mode ofassessment of people’s individual functioning. They are actions ortasks that are deployed to measure brain structure relatedpsychological function. These tests are commonly applied in researchinto brain function and in a clinical setting as well for the purposeof diagnosing deficits. In a nutshell, the test can be said to be anexamination of an individual`s level of cognitive performance (Cohen,Swerdlik &amp Sturman, 2013).

Inthe recent times, ‘neuropsychological’ tests are based on thepsychometric theory where an individual score is compared to ageneral normative sample. Neuropsychologicaltesting is a classification derived from the broad psychologicaltesting, which itself is a fixed method that is deployed to evaluatepatients who in any way demonstrate behavioral and or cognitiveanomalies. Additionally, the test is used when identifying he bestand effective therapy for a patient such as physical, occupational,or speech and language therapy, or better still used to monitorpatients progress (Cohen,Swerdlik &amp Sturman, 2013).The knowledge of neuropsychological testing may be indispensable whendealing with people who are diagnosed with neurologic disease orinjury such as brain injury, trauma or stroke among others.

Thereare experts who ae deployed to perform neuropsychological tests onindividual with the process taking up to 8 hours to be performed.This entails administration, scoring and interpretation of the dataobtained (Cohen,Swerdlik &amp Sturman, 2013).Despite its merits, the tests have been highly discouraged onpatients more than 70 years of age, as it’s deemed less helpful.However, these tests have proved a tremendous breakthrough in mentalhealth issues over time, as it has helped to cure or manage braindamages.


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