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FrankSemen’s articlefocuseson ethicsof nihilism.ethicsis a schoolof thoughtinclinedto thebeliefthatnothingis rightandthatnothingis entirelywrong.Thosewhoprofessthisbeliefconsidermoralityto a socialconstruction.Peoplein thesocietyare thearchitectsof morality.Theyestablishrulesforpeopleto follow.Theserulesgivethem an advantageover their foesbothsociallyandeconomically.

AfterreadingFrank Semen’s article,I intendto contemplateandfindanswersto thefollowingquestions

  1. Is semen against the principles of religion? The question emanates from Semen’s believe that the premises of religion do not get substantial support from historical experiences and theory (Berdiaev et al., 1994, p. 135).

  2. Is there a tag of war between religion and moral nihilism? The article elicits this question when Semen echoes his thoughts. He believes that religion always aims to bring human beings closer to a deity in which they give eternal support and tribute while the nihilistic attitude aims to immortalize what is human.

  3. Is the Russian intelligentsia a reflection of nihilism?

“Thereis none thelessan incontrovertibleandprofoundimportanttruthin theviewthat,theloveforheavenforcesa personto havean entirelydifferentattitudetowards theearthandearthlyaffairs.Religiosity is incompatiblewith theactof givingsignificantattributeto affairsregardedas earthly(Berdiev et al., 1994, p. 134).”

Theabovequote relateswith my analyticalquestions.There seemsto be a disagreementbetween religionandnihilistictendencies.Thenihilisticschoolof thoughtviewsreligionas a professionconcernedwith beliefsbeyond humanunderstandingfoundin anotherworld.Nihilisticattitudeappearsto havea concernwith theactuallifeof humanbeingshereon earth.I believethatthethree questionswill assistme in understandingthearticlebetter.


Berdiaev,N., Bulgakov, S., Genshonzon, M., &amp Izgoev, A. (1994). VekhiLandmarks.M.E Sharpe Inc: New York.