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Importanceof Leisure Time

Intodays world, it has become hard to differentiate work time andleisure time. In a brief definition of leisure time, it is thefreedom that one has from the various demands of work, as well as,duty. It is important to note that every person needs a leisure intheir lives and one has to have a balance between stress of work andlife. Different people have different views of leisure and work.Scholars such as George Eastman and Ralph Waldo Emerson have haddifferent views into the aspect of leisure compared to work.

Leisureis one of the ways that human beings re-energize and relax in orderto make sure that they are able to perform their duties well in life.According to George, he views working and leisure time differently.He says that, whatpeople do during work time, determines what they have, and on theother hand, whatever they do during their free hours, determined whothey are in the society.However, according to Waldo Emerson, helikens spare time to uncut diamonds, and if one misuses his freetime, he will never realize their value.

Accordingto the statement from George Eastman, people earn a living from whatthey do during their working hours. This implies that they are ableto earn money and other commodities such as cars as a result of thework that they do during the working hours. He further proceeds toargue that what we are is determined by what we do during our leisuretime. This can be understood to mean that the things that we doduring our free time determine what we are. This is because of thefact that we tend to use our free time in a variety of waysconducting some outdoor activities, watching movies, watchingtelevision, or just doing things that we are fond of. This becomes asource of happiness for most people. We get character traits of mostpeople from what they do during their free time. This means one isdescribed as a reading fan if he or she uses his or her free timedoing some reading. On the same note, those who love dancing are onlyable to practice this when they are free. This implies that we havedifferent ways of using leisure time the same way that we are diversein our hobbies.

Thesame argument is brought forward by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who arguesthat it is important to guard the spare moments that one has in life.In spare moments, he is talking about leisure time. He compares one’sleisure time to the uncut diamonds that cannot be noted or identifiedby anyone. This means that the value of the leisure time can only beappreciated if one is able to use it wisely and in a way that addsvalue to his or her life. His argument can be understood to meanthat, one should ensure that the leisure time is improved by doingthings that are important. An example of this is when I use myleisure time to do some practice in the gym, which not only keeps mehealthy but also ensures that I am fit and flexible. This will have avery great effect on my later life as I will be able to avoid some ofthe lifestyle diseases. There are also those who are able to usetheir leisure times, helping the needy or taking time in communitydevelopment activities. This not only improves the life of thecurrent generation but also makes the world a better place for thegenerations to come. Such community development activities such asenvironmental conservation in terms of planting trees makes sure thatthe effects of global warming are minimized and soil is preserved.

Thetwo statements are similar since they are talking about the samething that is leisure time. Their emphasis is that, one need to makeuse of the time that we have in order to make sure that we haveimproved our lives. If all the people are able to apply theprinciples of the two statements, then all the people would be havinga better life that they have today.