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Frank`sRed-hot Original TV Commercial (AdvertisementAnalysis)

Commercialsare meant to create a competitive advantage for an organization overits rivals in the business. Frank`sRed-hot Original TV Commercialprovides this advantage clearly in the sense that it has succeededin making the commercial and the brand the number one brand in thecountry. But the question that popes up is why is the commercial sosuccessful in its quest to become one of the most viewed commercialsthat have gone all the way to making the company successful (Frank`sRedHot, np). This paper will look at the commercial in terms of whatmakes it appealing to the consumers to an extent that theyreciprocate that to buying a lot of goods.

Backgroundof the Commercial

Itis important to note that there has been a lot of completion in thesauce industry for some time. This means that the companies such asFrank Red-hot had to look for ways through which to deal with thesituation. The commercial was first aired on the 6thof June 2012. The company is known to produce flavors that are basedon the original recipe, which means that there are a variety offlavors depending on the wish of the consumer. One of the definingcharacteristics of the company is the use of the television adcampaign that is appealing to the consumers.

of the Ad

Thead depicts an elderly woman who is holding a bottle of Red-hot Sauceon her hand. There is music playing that is interrupted by theelderly woman who tells a group of younger women that she can teachthem some moves. On questioning what she can teach them, she uses theslogan, ‘thanks to Red-hot, I put that shit on everything’. Thisslogan is what makes the younger women accept that challenge of theolder adult who is seen dancing together with the others. The settingis seems to be a producing studio where there is an artist performingand the younger women are supposed to dance to the rhythm of thesong. This is where the older adult tells them that she can teachthem how to dance but that was all thanks to Red-hot. After thedance, the company Logo appears on the screen with the words, Frank’sRed-hot, since 1920 with the bottle of the sauce on the side (Frank`sRedHot, np).

TheAudience of the Commercial

Fromthe commercial, it is clear that it is targeting the youngergeneration especially those who are between the age of 15 and 35.This is clear from the fact that they are the ones who can appreciatethe type of music that is played on the ad. The type of dancing thatis shown on the ad is also clear that it is a target to the youngerpeople. Despite the fact that the word shit is covered by a splash ofRed-hot sauce, person who has children would find it had to acceptsuch an ad as it goes against some of morals of the family. Suchworlds cannot be used in a family especially the kind of family thatwants to teach the kids some morals.

TheUse of Rhetorical Appeals

Theuse of rhetorical appeals is one of the most common things that makecommercials successful. This is because of the fact that they areable to convince the consumers on the reasons as to why they shouldbuy a certain commodity and leave the rest. This means that anyperson wishing to write on a certain commercial ad, have to reallybe in a position to reveal the use of rhetorical appeals as this iswhat will propel the company forward in its quest to have morecustomers.

Theuse of ethos is very clear in this commercial. This shows the factthat the writer was credible enough in his organization of the ad.The use of a unique character in a completely different setting fromwhat you expect from her is one of the clear indications of ethos. Inthis ad, the author has used an elderly character that is seen takingin a language that is contrary to what you could be expecting fromher (Frank`s RedHot, np). On the same note, unique character can beseen in a setting that people do not expect to see. No one expect herto appear in a scene that has young people dancing to a song that canonly be appreciated by the young generation. The use of pathos isalso clear in this ad. This is because the advert has used thespecific words that are said by the older adult to invoke theemotions of the audience, which goes a long way to making them acceptand agree to the ideas that are expressed.


Thisad is effective as a commercial advert, which comes from the factthat it has humorous parts especially where the old woman is seendancing. This makes the consumers lean towards the products hencecontributing to the overall success of the company. The credibilityof the ad is also clear owing to the large use of rhetorical appeals.One of the aspects that has made the ad, am effective one is the factthat, it’s humorous as well as very direct and connected to theproduct being advertised. This has in turn made it have a positiveresponse from the target audience.


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