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Reader-ResponseAnalysis: ‘ToReduce Your Likelihood of Murder’


Murderis something that every member of the society faces and does not haveany control over. This is because of the fact that it is difficultfor one to understand what the other person is thinking. The worldhas become the hub of insecurity where people face deaths that areinflicted by other human beings for various reasons. For this reason,there is a need for someone to take care of himself or herself inorder to ensure that one does not face death as a result. ‘Toreduce your likely hood of murder’,is authored by Monsoon under which one of her short stories and alsocontracting one. By reading the title, the reader expects to getideas on how not to get murdered, but later in the story it’s notthe case (Monson53).

ThesisStatement:the aim of this paper is to compile an analysis reference to theessay, ‘To reduce your likelihood of murder, by Ander Monson.People can avoid murder, by practicing the simple ideas offered inthe essay however, this proves unachievable due to different factorssuch as social, psychological and even physical.

Thearticle looks at the various things that women need to do in order toreduce the chances of getting killed. It addresses the various thingsthat a woman must avoid in order to reduce the challenge of murder.Women being the weaker sex are advised against going on dates atnight. The author argues that most of the women are killed by thosewhom they know and those whom they are intimate to. The idea is thatfor any woman to ensure that they are safe from murder, and then theonly option is to stay away from men. This means they have to avoidspending time with any man and have to ensure that they do not trustany man. There is a unique way that the author addresses the waywomen should behave either when they are being driven or when theyare the ones driving (Monson53).

Thewomen are cautioned against walking at night and being alone atnight. This is in particular when they are in the company of men.This leads to a situation where the women are not supposed to stay athome, but is supposed to rent an apartment in order to stay in aplace where they are able to be heard by their neighbors in casesomething wrong happens. The author is against the concept of thewomen, dating people they know or those that they admire most. Thisis because everyone is a potential murderer and anything can happenin the presence of anyone. The author argues that most of the womenhave to stop watching crime shows on TV or on DVD. One is notsupposed to open the door for anyone. When one goes out, then she hasto lie to the parents in order to assure them that you are safe(Monson54).

Theissue of being armed is also very important, according to the author.This is because of the fact that a weapon can be used in cases ofemergency and when one lie is in danger. Some of the weapons that thewomen should carry include the mace, pepper spray and a knife. Oneshould also carry guns if he or she can get them. This is especiallythe shotgun, which can be hidden without being seen by any offenderwho may be thinking of doing anything to any woman.

However,I beg to differ with the author in the argument that murder issomething that one was born with and cannot live without facing it.To me, there are some societies such as the one that I come from,where the numbers of women who are murdered are fewer compared to thenumber of men who are killed. In most cases, the reason is that it isentrenched in the culture that the woman is the weaker sex and herplace is at home where she is protected by the society at large. Themen are the one who face most of the challenges when it comes tomurder. The men are the ones who interact with the factors that areknown to increase the chances of facing a murder. Theft in my societyis one of the reasons as to why murder may take place. This usuallyaffects men and if in case women are involved, then it is when theyare at home.

Ibeg to disagree with the author that staying away from men is theonly option. What the author does not understand is that he has madean assumption that men are the only one who can kill. He has notplaced into consideration the idea that even women can be killers asthey have been found to be as capable of killing as their malecounterparts. These assumptions can be taken as for the idea, onlypeople can be prone to being murdered with most of these murdersbeing done by men. The question that keeps ringing in ones’ mind iswhether men are the only one who is capable of killing and whetherall these murders are all directed at women. The truth of the matteris that this is not the case since we still have incidences wherewomen have been the killers not only to men but also to other womenas well.

Iagree with the author that there is need to arm the weaker members ofthe society by allowing them to carry guns. This may only apply tothose countries that have allowed their citizens the chance to keepguns at will. The only thing they have to do is to register theirguns once they buy them. This may only apply in those countries thatare known to have legalized the possession of guns at will. The truthis that not so many countries across the globe have allowed the useof guns by their citizens, which means that this is not an option inthose countries as they shall be violating the law. This is thereason as to why most of the people from my society in China aretrained in Kung Fu tactics for self-defense when they are faced withsuch situations. Both sexes are trained without discrimination as allof them face equal chances of murder. The use of Kung Fu shows thateven the weaker section of the society such as women can be able toprotect themselves without using any weapons.

Inconclusion, despite the claim by the author, on how to avoid murder,the story by Ander Monson, can be taken as just an awareness raisingwriting, rather than a practical guideline that can used or followed.However, it’s clear evident from the story, it’s essential forevery person to be careful, and at the same try to foresee thepotential dangers, to his/her life, as safety remains an essentialelement for every individual. Safety is the very idea by the author,as dangers to life should be categorized as real, or imaginary so asactions can take, and also avoid absurd reaction to the claims.


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