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EndangeredSpecies (LoggerheadSea Turtle)

‘Endangeredspecies’ has become a common term for some time now. By simpledefinition, an endangeredspeciescan either be a plant or an animal species that is at a serious riskof becoming extinct. Over the tie, different animals or plants hasbecome extinct, and eliminated from the face of the earth. Due to theincreasing rate of plants and animal species extinction, there, the“Endangered Species Act (ESA)” was formed to protect theendangered species from extinction (Kalman,11).One of the animal species that is under the threat of extinction inrecent times (endangered) is the LoggerheadSea Turtledue to various reasons.

Reasonswhy Loggerhead Sea Turtle is currently endangered

Therise of cities and encroachment of the beaches by human beings hasdisrupted the LoggerheadSea Turtlenatural habitat, as the turtle builds their nests near the beaches.This has forced the LoggerheadSea Turtleto go and live further in the sea where competition for food andspace is too much for them. It has also exposed them to predatorsthat feed on them. The harvesting of their eggs for food by humanshas also greatly contributed towards the possible extinction of theanimal species. In addition, fishing of LoggerheadSea Turtle,has equally contributed to the reduction of their population. On theother hand, climate change and global warming have equallycontributed to the extinction of the species (Stiebens,5).

Howto save the LoggerheadSea Turtle

Oneof the major actions that would help in saving the endangered speciesis through the protection of their natural habitat, which are thebeaches (protect their nests). On the other hand, people should beprevented from harvesting their eggs, and instead education programsshould be encouraged in order to save the animal species.Additionally, their habits should be protected through prohibition ofhuman activities, in order to encourage their reproduction.Meanwhile, the fishing gears should be modified in order to excludethe turtles from being fished. Finally, enactment of protection lawsby ESA would help in saving the animal species (Kalman,16).

Yes,human beings will sacrifice their recreational time, and places inorder to save the turtle species. The extinction of the species wouldhave an indirect negative impact on the people. This is because thespecies helps in nutrients recycling in the ocean, and aquaticsettings, as they contribute to the food chain in the aquatic life(Stiebens,8).Their extinction would lead to decreased fish population, which wouldbe a negative impact to human being.

Wildlifeconservation strategies and decision making should be guided by thenumber or population of a specific species. On the other hand, thestrategies should as well be guided by the benefits and threats posedto human life by the conservation process. Any conservation strategyimplemented should be an improvement to both the animal species, theenvironment as well as to the humans. Human activities are the majorcontributing factors to species extinction, and in turn should becontrolled.


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