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Divisionand Classification Essay (Classificationof Friend)

Friendshave become an essential element in a person’s life. However,friends can be classified such as good, bad, real fake or evenacquaintances. According to a quote by Hubbard Elbert, “Afriend can be referred is an individual who happens to know and loveyou at the same”.This quote by Hubbard emphasizes the essential meaning of friendship.According to me, I also concur with Hubbard stand that, it’sessential or important for every person to have friends, who will beof help whenever need arises. Friends are an important element inone’s life and hence it’s vital to have friends. Every friendthat any individual may have brings a special and differentpersonality, and in turn brings different experience. In general,friends can be categorized or classified into different categories.Some of the categories include best friends, acquaintances and fakefriends.

Everyperson can ascertain to have friends. However these friends aren’tthe same, in terms of contribution and what is shared. A BestFriendcan be referred as a friend who is close to you, always with you, andwho encourages you and listens to you even when faced by a problem ofany kind. A best friend can also be referred to as a person whom youcan rely on in any given situation. An individual best friend isbelieved to know almost everything about him/her. They (bestfriends), are said to be kind, responsible, impartial, as well asnice people. For example, Mary has been my child hood friend. Lastyear I was involved in an accident, and had to be admitted for amonth in the hospital. For all the period I was in the hospital, Maryvisited my home, took care of my children, and did their laundry,before going to her home. Mary has remained a special friend andremains my best friend. Best friend rarely forgets important eventsin one’s life such as anniversary, birthday etc., which is unlikethe case with fake friends (Page, 4).

Anothercategory of friends is the FakeFriends.As the name suggest, these are fiends who aren’t genuine. Fakefriends are season in an individual’s life, as they are kept closeto one by what they get (reward). Fake friends only acts as onesfriend, and this comes when they want a favor from an individual.They are defined by being selfish, liars, and don’t help when oneis in need of them or when in trouble. They only pretend to care,and cannot be trusted or relied on, as they rejoice when laughing atyou and humiliating an individual. Fake friends will always be withone, because of the advantage they get from him/her, but will neverbe seen or heard in case there is a problem that needs theirattention (Page, 6).

Lastly,there are the acquaintances. These are people who are found outsidethe friends circle. They are the people we meet and talk to despitenot knowing much about them. For example, this is a person you willstop by the roadside, school or in a public place and talk to aboutgeneral topics in life. Acquaintances are made through places ofwork, hobbies, sharing a bus on daily basis or even through socialactivities. Over time, acquaintances may become better friendsdepending on what, and where one is. They can be said to be betterfriends than the fake category of friends. Close friends are gainedfrom the acquaintances category. An acquaintance can be said to bethat friend who helps one even without knowing him or her, forexample, one day as I was coming out grocery store, I had a large bagof groceries to carry home. On the way, a woman driving to mydirection offered to drop me home, and since then, we have beenfriends, and the only thing we share is that we shop from the samegrocery store (Curlette, 24).

Inconclusion, friends play an essential element in the making of anindividual. It’s clear that, friends can either be categorized asbest friends, fake friends or acquaintances. Its hence, essential forevery individual to be able to identify his best friends and fakefriend, as this would help in identifying who is who in one’s life.It’s every person dream to have only best friends, however, fakefriends will always be there and it’s vital to identify and avoidthem. Acquaintances are equally essential in one’s life and arebetter placed to help an individual than fake friends. It’s a dreamfor every person to always have good and honest friend, and at thesame time be able to reciprocate their friendship.


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