Obesity in America

Obesityin America


Obesityin America

Obesityis a rapidly growing problem that is quickly becoming a pandemic thatthreatens our social economic and physical health. This pandemic hasaffected our community to a very great extent since the young and theold are exposed to obesity and overweight. The community and thegovernment are using many resources to treat obesity and relatedhealth problems. In this, the community is strained to try and put upand support the obese to healthy weight (Nhic, 2013). Resources spenton treatment preventive measures, and diagnostic services could beused in other developmental activities. Obesity also affects aperson’s personality, the obese usually have low self-esteem. Theyare also likely to experience anxiety disorders and depression andare more likely to report cases of panic disorders.

Obesityis majorly caused by energy imbalances in the body. Energy imbalanceoccurs when energy in is not equal to the energy out. People take ina lot of calories but live an inactive life. An inactive life in thesense that they do not exercise, or they are physically inactive.This leads to accumulation of excess fats in the body. A lot of fatsin the body is dangerous for any organism as this has immenselyhazardous effects on its life. As a preventive measure for obesitypeople should try and live an active life full of exercise. This willaid greatly in weight reduction and keeping fit. In addition, healthyeating should be a point to observe. Foods with more calories shouldbe put aside to help reduce the energy intake. This will help greatlyin weight loss.

Onesociological theory that relate to obesity is the conflict theory.This theory is about power and also about those who are in powertrying their best not to lose it. In this theory, it is like those inpower willingly set up unhealthy food at a cheap price and bulk so asto keep the poor obese. In addition food education is controlled bythe elite i.e. the government who have interests to protect in fromcorporations and lobbyist. They limit knowledge of what is healthyand unhealthy and campaign for products whose organizations wouldfund their political endeavors (Nhic, 2013).

Inconclusion, obesity is a national problem that must be carefullyaddressed. Campaigns should be made to promote healthy living inorder to build a better society. This would help so much in drivingthe economy as there would be more people working and free theresources used in treating obesity. In a country where healthy livingis promoted then people would be more aggressive to achieve theirgoals and more confident in themselves to push their country forward.


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