Observation Paper Samsung Galaxy 5


ObservationPaper: Samsung Galaxy 5

ObservationPaper: Samsung Galaxy 5

Toexplore the movement of different brands and services in the market,I set to observe a local Smartphone market in the nearby mall. Whilethe store sold several brands of Smartphones, it was conscious tonote that many customers concentrated on the side of the storeselling the Samsung Galaxy 5. Therefore, the product selected or thisassignment is the Samsung Galaxy 5. This product was selected becauseit is a unique product in terms of the features and competition withthe America brand iPhone. The competition is stiff because theSamsung Galaxy 5 is a non-American brand that is competing with otherSmartphones in the market. To explore more on the details of theproduct and its performance on the shop, I further observed the storeas a potential customer.

Thecustomers loved the phone and seemed to compare it with the iPhone 5.They consistently asked comparative questions to the attendant at thestore. The customers asked whether the phone is more superior to theiPhone. Others asked about the features the phone has that isdifferent from those in the iPhone. One of the customers specificallyasked the application store that the operating system of the phonecan access. It is a common question that many buyers ask whencomparing phones. According to Kurosu (2013), this is becausedifferent phones have different operating systems that connect todifferent application stores on the manufacture’s online stores.While these questions were clearly answered, some customers stillexamined the demo unit of the phone and compared it with otherbrands, especially the iPhone.

SamsungGalaxy 5 has the same general features of a Smartphone but with ahigher level of excellence compared with other phones. For instance,the phone has a powerful camera of 16 megapixels(Samsung, 2015). Thephone is water resistant and has longer battery life. The phone hasthe android operating system, but at a higher version of 4.4.2,a version that was upgraded to android 5 Lollipop. In addition, thephone has a TouchWiz software which is software that makes the phoneinterface more refined and flat(Samsung, 2015). The phone has uniquesecurity features to appeal to the customers. According toSamsung (2015), the phone has afingerprint scanner which can be used to unlock it. In addition, thephone has strong security SDK application ability that can be used bythird parties to enforce their security during the operations of thephone.

Thesefeatures were easily readable from the excellent display that thephone store had made at the mall. Any feature was easily clarified byboth the store attendants and the demo units that they had on everydesk at the store. The display of the phone and other brands of thephones were attractive and appealed to the customers. The displayarea was branded appropriately and with different differentiationsamong the brands that were at the shop. It was worth noting that eachbrand of Smartphone and tablets had its own branding and section atthe store, and also with an attendant. However, the Apple Inc sectionand the Samsung section were the largest in space and brandingmaterials.

Themerchandising of the product was excellent compared to other storesthat were in other locations in the mall. At the mall entry, therewere sales executives with leaflets and brochures that promoted thestore and the Samsung Galaxy phone sale. The store was brandedexcellently with the Samsung section among the first ones after theentrance. The store had branded sales executives and attendants whowere ready to help any potential customers. The merchandisers alsohad the Samsung Galaxy 5 phones in their hands and they easilydescribed the product using their own units.

Thebranding of the store and the qualities of the phone made SamsungGalaxy 5 fit perfectly with the store. The store is a phone storethat specializes in selling all types of phones and tablets. Inregard to phones, the store is an accredited dealership withcertifications by many brands of phones, including Samsung and Applebrands. The store also sells a wide variety of laptop computers andis an accredited dealership of many brands. Therefore, the SamsungGalaxy 5 fits well with the business model and brand of the store.

Thebrand of the Samsung Galaxy 5 is the Samsung Galaxy series thatcompares competitively with other brands. Among the competing brandsof Smartphone include the iPhone, the HTC Smartphones, the Huawei,Blackberry and the Nokia. According to Kuester(2012), successful brands contain certain features that differentiatethem from competing brands. For SamsungGalaxy, the feature is security since the brand has a better securityfeatures compared to other Smartphone brands in the market, exceptfor the iPhone. However, the fingerprint phone locking and unlockingfeature makes the brand competitive and unique to compete with anyother brand in the world. The price of the Samsung Galaxy 5 is alsocompetitive in comparison with other brands. While the brand is moreexpensive than some brands, it is also more affordable compared toother brands like the iPhone.

Inaddition, the Samsung Galaxy brand is competitive in terms ofphysical feature compared to other brands. The phone is slim andsleek in size, with an excellent cover and screen. The screen islarge enough to appeal to customers who want a large screen size,while desiring a slim phone. This makes Samsung Galaxy brand acompetitive phone desired by consumers. As confirmed by the customersI listened to at the store, and the store attendants, the phone isdoing well in the market compared to other brands.

Therelationship between the Samsung Galaxy 5 and the Samsung Galaxybrand is an interdependent one. The Galaxy 5 partly depends on thestrength of the Samsung Galaxy brand in the market. This is becausethe Galaxy 5 model is an improvement of the previous product, Galaxy4, all in the same Galaxy brand. Therefore, the performance of otherGalaxy models, especially Galaxy 4 influences the perception of themarket towards the Samsung Galaxy 5 model. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy 5and other products depend on the success of other products under thebrand.

Thereare many other products offered by the Samsung electronics, and underthe brand. These include kitchenware, home theatres, televisionsets, laptop computers, tablets and other general electronics.Therefore, the overall brand is managed by a central office in eachcountry or each state. As the assistants at the store informed me,the merchandizing and the marketing at the state level is where themanagement is divided for each product. However, the top levelmanagement is the same for all products with the Samsung brand. Thisallows the company to monitor the market performance of each brand,yet make managerial decisions at the top level.


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