Onboarding Approaches



Inthe three approaches used by the three companies, there is asimilarity in that there is orientation of employees. However, theorientation process is different in all the three companies. There isalso a similarity in that all the three companies teach their newemployees about their culture through using computers to getinformation. Besides, in all the three approaches used by thecompanies, there is the aspect of connection where new employees havean access to crucial interpersonal relationships and informationnetworks nevertheless, the connection is different among the threecompanies. At Sun Company, connection is through social networks anda welcome video from the CEO, while at El Paso Corporation,connection is through email that provides information to everything.On the other hand, at Zimmerman Advertising, connection is throughlearning from the company’s website and physical meeting with theCEO. In addition, there is a difference in the three companies sinceit is only in Zimmerman that employee feedback is provided for.

Fromall the three approaches of onboarding used by the three companies,the idea of compliance is missing. It is required that for asuccessful onboarding, compliance, culture, clarification, andconnection should be considered (Stein &ampChristiansen,2010). However, in all the three approaches used by the companies,the element of compliance is missing. Compliance entails teaching newemployees legal and policy related rules and guidelines of theorganization (Stein &ampChristiansen,2010). None of the approaches concentrate on this element. Theapproach that sounds best is that of Zimmerman Advertising because itconstitutes three out of four basic elements for successfulonboarding its approach has culture, connection, and clarification.The 30, 60 and 90 – day compulsory training provided by the companyis likely to have a successful onboarding.


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