Gender and Sexuality

Genderand Sexuality Frombirth, human beings became surrounded by gender lore that isever-present and thoroughly embedded in institutions, beliefs,actions, and desire. Gender is unnatural and not something, a personis born with, but something that is performed. Alternatively, genderperformances can be available to any person, except that they comewith constraints. This is where gender and sex are joined together asthe […]

My Autobiography To Date Number

MyAutobiography To Date Number: MyAutobiography To Date Myname is Ali Alzahrani and I come from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I wasborn in 1995, and I spent my childhood ages in Saudi Arabia, I havelived almost my whole life in Saudi Arabia, until I was 19, when Imoved to Portland, United States in 2011. After seven months inPortland, I relocated […]

White-collar crime is described as nonviolent crimes that are motivated

White-collarcrime is described as nonviolent crimes that are motivated byfinancial gain. This type of crime occurs in financial transactionsand include embezzlement, bank fraud, extortion, insurance fraud,price fixing, falsification of financial records and insider buyingjust to name a few. White-collar crimes include corporate crime andoccupational crime (Ferguson 55). In occupational crimes,professionals are responsible for this type of crimes with […]

Haier marketing plan

Haiermarketing plan Oneof the most crucial things for any business to succeed is a marketingplan with clear understanding of competitors and customers. Though acompany marketing plan may be informal or formal, at the minimumlevel the plan should describe who the customers are, where to findinformation, and how the business will reach the customers (Lymbersky45). Step1 Haierneeds to develop […]

Fundraising for NGOs

FUNDRAISING FOR NGOs 4 Fundraisingfor NGOs Nameof student Nameof professor Non-profitmakingorganizationsdepend n donationsin orderto implementtheir projects.Theyreceivedonationsin termsof money,technicalsupportandotherin-kind donations.To raisetheseresources,theyapproachdonorswhoare willingto fundtheir causes.Due to thehugenumberof nongovernmental organizationsin needof funding, donorsdonot lookfortheorganizationsbutorganizationsapproachthem. One of theemerging trendsin NGO fundraising is theuseof online media.TheUnited States of America receivesmorethan 2.7 billion dollarsforvariousNGOs online. Technicalexpertshavemadethiseasyby developingapplicationsthat enablemobilephoneusers to donateto their favoriteorganizationsby justtheclickof a […]


ORGANIZATIONAL THEORY 11 ORGANIZATIONALTHEORY Organizationtheory involves combination of administrative, scientific managementbureaucratic philosophies. The primary benefit of organizationaltheory is that it provides the best solutions for addressing specificproblems affecting businesses, improves management of employees and,makes it easy to match every worker to a position that suits him orher best. Besides, it provides a comprehensive approach to planningand controlling management […]

Adam Smith v Iris Murdoch

AdamSmith v Iris Murdoch AdamSmith v Iris Murdoch Moralrealists, whatever their differences, have a common ground on thefact that the modern world realizes those moral truths. Adam Smithand Iris Murdoch are both moral realists, but their picture of moralreality (such as moral facts) differs from each other’s. This paperexplains the difference between these two moralists’ versions ofmoral realism. […]

Movie Analysis Paper The Color Purple

MovieAnalysis Paper: The Color Purple Author’sName MovieAnalysis Paper: The Color Purple Movieanalysis is a vital piece of understanding movies despite the factthat numerous individuals neglect this. There are differentcomponents of movies that are united to give the last result andempower the group of onlookers handles the story. Some of thesecomponents are exceptionally unmistakable, for example, on-screencharacters while others […]

Health Care Finance Credentialing

4 HealthCare Finance Credentialing Author`s Name Healthcare Financial Management Association offers two type ofcredentials, that is, Credentialed Healthcare Financial Professional(CHFP) certification for the mid-level professionals of three to fiveyears of experience and Fellow of the Health Management Association(FHFMA) designation for professionals with CHFP certification, whoshow the spirit of coming forward for the organization within threeyears of applying for […]


Author’sName ThreeMost Interesting Topics from Chapter 1 (Heading for 2nd section) Inthe first subheading, I learned important and interesting informationabout ethics and how they relate to business. I discovered thatstakeholders play a significant role by the way they conduct theirbusiness. Building ethics and correcting unethical behaviors inbusiness does not happen overnight. It takes broad joint effort and afew […]