Case Study

CaseStudy Stan’s What are the issues involved? Stan is involved in quite a number of activities besides his school work. His parents do not want to accept the fact Stan is engaging in many activities and he might be looking for acceptance. His broken bones and two surgeries are as a result of the many activities Stan is […]

Social and Cultural Ramifications of Substance Abuse

SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RAMIFICATIONS OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE 6 Socialand Cultural Ramifications of Substance Abuse Socialand Cultural Ramifications of Substance Abuse Substanceabuse is the habit of overindulging on an addictive substance to thelevel of being dependent on its use. The most common substances thatare abused are drugs and alcohol. All drugs of abuse are addictiveand lead to several health […]

Motivation in Nursing

MOTIVATION IN NURSING 3 Motivationin Nursing Motivationin Nursing Motivationis one of the key factors that contribute to continued exemplaryperformance. However, it is the most challenging aspect especiallyfor managers who are managing a large number of people. Most theorieshave emphasized the relationship between satisfied individual needsand good performance (Beck,2000).The managers therefore, should focus on identifying key individualneeds of their […]

Key Health Determinants for Obesity

KEY HEALTH DETERMINANTS FOR OBESITY 4 KeyHealth Determinants for Obesity KeyHealth Determinants for Obesity AsDr. Beilenson states, the Zip code within which an individual livesmakes much more difference to his or her health and wellbeingcompared to the genetic code. These variations are caused by variedfactors including the cleanliness of the environment, theavailability of sufficient medical care or even […]

Coffee Joulies

CoffeeJoulies CoffeeJoulies are stainless shells that are placed inside an insulatedcontainer to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside it.According to the joulies manufacturers, coffee should be hot whilejoulies should be cool. A coffee joulies is a food-based andnon-toxic material that releases and absorbs heat from the coffee. Itis manufactured from USA by recycling stainless steel by use […]

China’s Economic Turn Around

CHINA’S ECONOMIC TURN AROUND 14 China’sEconomic Turn Around Introductionto Chinese Economic Policy Chinais one of the economies with great influence in the global market.The country has had mixed fortunes in pursuit of economic growth andstability. Over the past few decades, the Chinese government has beenin the forefront in matters of developing competitive and sustainableeconomic policy (Naughton,1996).The journey to […]

Data East

Data EastEuropean Studies Question 4: marital relations and gender roles inthe nineteenth century Theworks of Kate Chopin, Gustav Flaubert and Henrik Ibsen shows us thegender roles and marital relations of the nineteenth century by thereaction of the populace to them. In the nineteenth century, womenwere expected not to be sexual, pure, private, content, weak,passive, domestic and social among […]

National Rifle Association

NationalRifle Association Theissue of gun control is a critical aspect in the recent years. Gunrights supporters have worked exceedingly hard in initiatingadditional restrictions on firearms and eliminating legal limitationson the issue of right to carry and possess firearms. Besides, gunrights supporters are also working hard so as to expand the scope ofgun rights (Cater 88). The control of […]

Community Fitness Programs

COMMUNITY FITNESS PROGRAMS 5 CommunityFitness Programs YMCAand Gold’s Gym InOrange County, there are a number of community fitness programs thatserve people in terms of health and body fitness. However, twofacilities stand out among others by offering the best health andfitness programs. These two are Gold’s Gym located at 1973 W.Malvern Avenue Fullerton, CA, and the YMCA&nbspof&nbspOrangeCounty located inNewportAve, […]

Understaffing Nurses in the Hospital Setting, How Bad Can it Really Be?

PATIENT OUTCOMES WITH UNDERSTAFFED NURSES 2 UnderstaffingNurses in the Hospital Setting, How Bad Can it Really Be? MarieBarthelemy MaryBuskirk LucyKoroma DanVaillancourt JannaWieland GrandCanyon NURS 504 March11, 2015 UnderstaffingNurses in the Hospital Setting, How Bad Can it Really Be? Adequatenurse staffing has continued to be a disputed and difficult issuewithin healthcare. Controversy tends to exist in regards to what […]