Insert Surname Here 2 EndangeredSpecies (LoggerheadSea Turtle) ‘Endangeredspecies’ has become a common term for some time now. By simpledefinition, an endangeredspeciescan either be a plant or an animal species that is at a serious riskof becoming extinct. Over the tie, different animals or plants hasbecome extinct, and eliminated from the face of the earth. Due to theincreasing rate […]

Assignment 05

Assignment05 1. Compute the mean and variance of the following discreteprobability distribution. X P(x) X*p(x) X^2*P(x) 2 .50 1 2 8 .30 2.4 19.2 10 .20 2 20 total 5.4 41.2 The mean is given by Mean = sum(X*p(x)) = 1+2.4+2 = 5.4 the variance = sum (X2*P(x))– (sum(X*p(x)))2 =41.2– 5.42 =12.04 2. The Computer Systems Department has […]

English Composition

ENGLISH COMPOSITION 5 EnglishComposition Question1 Todaythe employment market is tough, and finding a job after collegeproves a hard task that requires more than a degree and personalmotivation. In fact, finding work these days may seem like a jobitself because of the high unemployment levels globally. Finding ajob involves filling applications, searches and collectingreferences. In their book, Holton &amp […]

Table of report

TABLE OF REPORT 20 Tableof report Nameof student Nameof professor Nameof personal research narrative: Effects of technology on education Title of the article and the author Key terms in the article Focus of the article Conclusions of the Author Is this a scholarly article? What evidence is there? Personal reflection on how this article informed the personal research […]

Why music therapy is effective in the rehabilitation of prisoners

Name 5 Whymusictherapyis effectivein therehabilitationof prisoners Musicis a formof evidence-based therapythat is oftenusedto accomplishsomespecifiedtherapeuticgoalsin a therapeuticrelationshipbetween a prisonerandcredential musicprofessional.Musicis a non-threatening anda powerfulmediumthat addressspecialneedsof prisonersandyields uniqueoutcomescomparedto othermethodsof rehabilitation(American Music Therapy Association 2). Thistypeof therapyhas beenofferedin variouskindsof facilities,rangingfrom thelowto maximumsecurityprisonfacilities.Programsdesignedformusictherapycan bedeliveredin differentways,includinggroupperformance,musiclessons,musicrecordings,andliveperformancein televisionsorradios.Thisimpliesthatmusictherapyis an extensiveandinvolvingprogramthat givesprisonersan opportunityto engagein differentactivities,someof which areperformedoutsidetheprisonfacilities.Thispaperwill addressthewaysin which musictherapyworks,inmateswhoqualifyforthetherapy,its effectiveness, andits drawbacks. Howmusictherapyworksforprisoners Musictherapists […]

Ethnography Dancing Skeletons

Ethnography Dancing Skeletons 4 EthnographyDancing Skeletons Lecturer: Question1 KatherineDettwyler and Steven wanted to carry out their research in NubaMountains found in Sudan, a country that is situated in East Africaregion. Unfortunately, they found themselves stranded in Cairo. SinceRamadhan was on, all planes heading to Khartoum were full. Aftertheir return to America, the U.S agency responsible for internationaldevelopment invited […]

Digital Nation Chapter 1

DigitalNation Chapter1 Thischapter talks about multitasking. The digital people are distractedby many things to a point where they find themselves multitasking.Typically, multitasking is a great thing however, it has becomeexaggerated making it harmful. This is true because it gives peoplelittle time to think substantially as their minds are preoccupied.Although the students feel that they are able to multitask, […]

Sima Qian and Han Historical Writing

SimaQian and Han Historical Writing SimaQian and Han Historical Writing TheHan Dynasty was among the longest of China’s main dynasties inregard to power and prestige. It is compared to the influence thatthe Roman Empire had on the West as its influence in the East wasequally significant. It lasted about four centuries which in Chinesehistory was a golden age […]

Team Dynamics in the Workplace

TEAM DYNAMICS IN THE WORKPLACE 5 TeamDynamics in the Workplace TeamDynamics in the Workplace Question6: Self-DirectedTeams Theterm “self-directed teams” underlines groups where the membershave increased authority to combat the issues that come their way.They may also be defined as groups of people that blend differenttalents and skills to function without the normal managerialsupervision in an effort to achieve […]


GETYOUR HANDS DITRY Courseinstructor Certificationof Authorship Ihereby certify that I am the author of this document and that anyassistance I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged anddisclosed in the document. I have also cited all sources from which Iobtained data, ideas, or words that are copied directly orparaphrased in the document. Sources are properly credited accordingto accepted […]