Path-Goal Theory


Leadershipis a very critical role in our modern society. Most of the people areof the notion that being heroes or renown makes them good leaders.It is not true due to that leadership comes in different ways andpositive dynamics. Over the past years, many people who possessconsiderable leadership skills have been ignored due to individualismin the society.

PatSummitt leadership style

Thestudy of leadership has not only captivatedindividuals numerously fora considerablelengthof time,butalsohas beenhardto characterize,however,a non-specific definitionis a womanwhoimpactsothers towards a typicalobjective.Leadershipis thecraftof changinganddrivingindividualsstartingwith one pointthenon to thenextusingdifferentdevicesandassets soas to makeactualachievementconceivable.(Chemers,1997). Accordingto Path-GoalTheory that states that leadership is about how a leader behaves oracts. It can mainly suit Pat Summitt leadership style ofachievement-oriented leadership styles because what she set for theteam and how she worked towards achieving the goals that were key toher success.

My Questionnaire score is in percentage and I give 70%.It is in terms of achievement-oriented leadership styles that mainlyconcentrate on the two-way response. This is from the leader and alsofrom the subjects. It offers an excellent opportunity for the leaderto lay down goals that enable him/her achieve them due to experienceor strategic plan established.

Accordingto Griffith,Mike (2010).Coach Pat Summitt leadership style of achievement-oriented leadershipstyles would motivate me as a player. It is an achievement thatcomes to the players who say what they want to achieve and the coachsets ways of achieving these goals. This brings a good interactionbetween the players and coach because they have a common goal.

Inmy personal experience I choose our school soccer coach Sir BobFerguson, who possesses excellent leadership styles, that isachievement-oriented leadership styles. I select the soccer coachbecause before the team began, we all sat down and laid down what wewanted to achieve. After the sitting and brainstorming, the coachasked for how we thought we would achieve these set goals, and wegave our suggestions. Later he went and came up with a strategic planto achieve these objectives. The plan was accepted by all and went tothe implementation stage.

Sincethe day the strategic plan began its implementation the team hasevolved from being a mere side to being a team of professional soccerplayers. The team has won three trophies in a row and contributed tothe building of the national team. This is because the leader who isthe coach has a better understanding of his players and he does notuse the dictatorial leadership style. He treats the team as a tree,where the coach is the stem and the team members are the branches.Both the stem and the branches rely on each other for better growth.(Chemers,997).

Ichoose the soccer coach because he has proven to every player whojoins the team that everything and anything is achievable if there isthe determination, sacrifice and teamwork. Achievement-Orientedleadership styles are key to the better leadership of the coach,since he always appreciated each and every member of his team just asthe members understand and respect their leader.


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