Personal Action Plan

PersonalAction Plan

PersonalAction Plan

Part1: Reflection


Ihave several personal strengths that are within my control. I cancapitalize of these strengths to increase my chances of succeeding inmy career as a healthcare administrator. Some of the main strengthsinclude strong technical knowledge in healthcare administration, astrong network, work ethics and high level of energy.


Ihave also identified some weakness, some of which provides excellentopportunities for improvement. However, it is important to note thatsome of these weaknesses are unavoidable, although I will be able toovercome them with time. Some of the most important weakness as ahealthcare administrator includes lack of adequate experience,shyness, low levels of confidence, and being too emotional.

HowI feel I have accomplished the ability to strategize and criticallythink.

Aftergoing through a bachelor of science in healthcare administrationprogram, I believe I will be able to think more critically andstrategically as an administrator. This is because the program hasequipped me with prerequisite knowledge and skills in the managementof a healthcare facility. The knowledge and skills gives meconfidence in handling the challenges that face the healthcaresystem.

Howmy ethical and personal perspectives evolved

Thereare many changes that have taken place in my personal and ethicalperspective. The healthcare systems have numerous cases that involveethical dilemmas (Donald, 2007). As an administrator, I will beresponsible for all the issues affecting the healthcare facilities,including professional ethics and morality. This requires a verystrong personality. The program has also changed my ethicalperspective where I look at morality and ethics from a caregiverperspective.

Part2: Personal Goals


How will I accomplish this goal?

Who needs to be involved?

When will it be done?

What resources are needed?

What obstacles may arise?

How will I overcome these obstacles?

Goal 2

I want to have a clear understanding of the ethical issues and moral principles in the healthcare industry (Donald, 2007).

I intend to read all professional ethics and code of conducts that guide healthcare professionals. I will also keep myself updated on emerging trends in management ethics and their application in healthcare.

Myself and professionals in healthcare

Ongoing. However, I should have a general overview in six months time.

I need to have code of conducts and codes of ethics as well as recent publications from different professionals.

Interactions with people within the profession.

There are numerous code of conducts and codes of ethics in the healthcare profession.

Interactions with professional in the filed will make it easier for me to grasp the most significant points.

Experience will also eliminate some of the obstacles.

Goal 2

I want to update myself on emerging trends in healthcare management regularly (Donald, 2007).

I will be constantly reading journal articles and magazines in healthcare management.

Myself and other professionals in healthcare


I need to join a professional group and find a way of accessing relevant journals and magazines.

Lack of time due to increased commitment in the professional and social life.

A professional group will help me create time to update myself with emerging trends.

Goal 3

I want be accustom to career opportunities in healthcare management (Haddock &amp McLean, 2012)

I will be regularly being checking on the available career opportunities advertised in the print media and online.

I will also establish a strong social network.

Myself and other professionals in healthcare



Social network with college mates, former workmates and friends.

Lack of time.

Use technology such as internet to connect with friends and find career opportunities


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