Personal essay


After many years of loneliness, I was going to have a sibling. Formany days I watched my friends play with their siblings, get intoarguments, fights and all that seemed like sibling rivalry with envy.Though my parents made me the focus of their attention, there was asibling would best fit the void that I always felt. Despite having mycousins come over for holidays every other summer, it was never thesame. I silently suffered and whispered a prayer to the giver of lifevery night that he grants me a sibling. I wanted someone who wouldshare with me all the attention and distract my parents from me.Though I loved all the love they showered me with, it was at timestoo much and I could not help but wonder how beautiful life would beif only I had someone to share all this with me.

I remember that fateful evening very well, Mother had just picked mefrom school and she looked pale. I asked her if all was well but shetold me that she had been feeling sick. Her condition worsened andwhen dad came home she was rushed to the health centre where thegreatest news was given to us. Mother was already two monthsexpectant and we would soon have a newborn child. This day was aprayer answered and more than my parents as overwhelmed with joy.Days turned to months and finally we welcomed the most precious gifton earth, a new baby.

Every night I would watch Precious fall asleep in the cot like anangel and when she woke up I was the first to pick her. I loved herunconditionally and since a tender age, I learnt to protect and takecare of her with all I had. Her presence in my life cannot beexplained concisely. She makes me very happy and my life is completewith her by my side every day.