Personal Interview Exercise


PersonalInterview Exercise

PersonalInterview Exercise

Listeningto a person is highly dependent on how effective a person undertakesthe process as a whole. To learn more about active listening exercisein public relations, I interviewed my friend Gregory, who started asmall marketing business last year. The main reason why I decided tointerview Gregory is to understand the reason why he left school tostart the business. He was set to continue with a master’s degreein business management after securing a scholarship from theuniversity due to his excellent performance for his bachelor’sdegree. I interviewed him in his rented room in our neighborhoodwhile talking about life issues. We had enough time to talk because Iselected a Sunday afternoon when he was not engaged.

Thefirst question to ask was why he opted to decline the offer for amaster’s degree scholarship from the university. He explained thathe did not opt out of school he deferred the offer for two years.After listening to the deferment explanation, I asked him why hechose to defer for two years. He explained that he wanted to createtime in order to start a marketing business. He said that he had apassion for business and could not wait to start his dream business.He explained that he chose business for higher education because hehad planned to start the business after his first degree. Accordingto his explanation, he was just accomplishing his earlier plan.

Consequently,I asked him why he started the business this year and not aftercompleting education. In answering the question, he had not justexplained the answer, but started educating me. He explained that theart of following a plan is very important in life. According to him,he was just following his plan. Therefore, the offer for a master’sdegree scholarship was just an unexpected favor that life brought bythrough the university. He said that he could not forsake his longterm life plan for a popup favor that can be done anytime. Inlistening to this explanation, I must admit that I learnt a lessonabout life.

Ithen asked him why he did apply for jobs in the corporate world, sothat he could do masters as a part time student at the university. Inanother educative response, he explained that life is about makingchoices and that his choice was business. After asking why business,he said that being an entrepreneur gives a person the freedom todecide on his income and control his time. He further explained thatbeing an entrepreneur offers an opportunity to earn whatever amountof income one desires, if hard work and strategy are included in thebusiness. He described how the world is run by those who ownbusinesses and how they are able to determine the economy throughtheir corporations. More importantly, he explained that he wouldrather be an employer rather than life his life seeking foremployment.

Afterconcluding the interview, I realized that the secret to personalrelations is taking time to listen to a person. The exercise helpedme to learn how to keep quiet and listen to the other person. Ilearnt that through active listening, it is easier to put myself inthe context of the respondent and understand his point of view.Therefore, I learned a skill of active listening that I willdefinitely use in life.