Personal Statement for a Master of Accounting


PersonalStatementfor a Master of Accounting

Myinterest in accounting started while I was very young as I was goodin numbers especially in mathematics. I also wanted to emulate myuncle who by then was a chartered accountant and working in arespected manufacturing firm in China. What fascinates me most now isthat accounting is a part of our daily life. It is notable that, oncein our lifetime, we use accounting principles. Checking the balancesin hand or in the bank, expenses, budgeting for their earnings andtrying to balance income with spending are some of the thingsindividuals do regularly. Problem-solving is one of my core skill,and trying to figure why some accounts do not balance somehowinterest me. I like following financial dealings for companies,learning of their earning, profitability, as well as potential.Against this background, I wish to apply for master degree inaccounting at your University to boost my professional potential inthe field.

Ihave completed an A-level study in the United Kingdom (UK).Currently, I am pursuing an undergraduate course scheduled to end inJuly 2015. My exam results have been promising especially in thisfinal year where I got a first and a second class for module one andtwo respectively. In addition to my academic background, my workexperience relates to the field of interest. From June to August2014, I took an internship program at Shanghai Investment Co., Ltdwhere I served as an administrative clerk. My core responsibilitiesincluded general administration. It entailed purchasing officesupplies, managing assets and carrying out performance appraisal ofthe staff. The internship gave me exposure to the work environment aswell as relevant skills.

Outsidethe education setting, I also take part in extracurricular activitieswhich connect me to the social world. In 2013 July, I participated ina Sinology Forum held in Liuzhou City Shanxi Province. The coreactivities included recording the names of visitors and helping themarrange accommodation. The activity helped me in learning how tocommunicate with other people besides handling emergency situations.In July 2012, I was engaged in volunteer activities in Haicheng CityLiaoning Province which trained me hard working spirit. Working hardis vital for anyone wishing to join the accounting field.

Thepresent day economy has a high demand for skilled and competentaccountants. Accountants work in a high-pressure setting and have towork quickly without making mistakes and meet strict deadlines. Ifeel I possess these traits in addition to being commerciallyjudicious. Both my academic and work experience has assisted me ingaining excellent communication skills. It matches with one of myinterest which entails public communication with others andparticipating in group activities. This, coupled with my confidenceis vital in presenting my opinions both internally and externally. Ialso love reading books and conditioning training and I believe thataccounting requires comprehensive reading.

AfterI learnt about the master of accounting program at your university, Iwas enthralled. My wish has been to join a university that would addvalue to my life by obtaining quality education. It would advance mypersonal capability and skills by building a strong basis forpertinent quantitative techniques and theory required by employers.The completion of the master program will prepare me to becoming achartered accountant.

Givena chance, I will demonstrate my determination, capability anddedication to finish the course. I look forward to your positivefeedback.