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1.Personal moral issues are those actions that can harm or help othersor ourselves. Additionally, personal moral issues are thoseconditions that individuals tackle among themselves or their peers.Some of the moral personal issues are AIDS, pre-marital sex, andabortion. However, pornography is both a personal and a moral issue.This is because it not only affects an individual psychologically,but also impacts on the society as a whole. Other issues that areboth personal and social are gang violence, AIDS, drugs and homeless.Society perceives AIDS as undesirable illness and victims at timessuffers stigmatization. Homeless is also a social issue because asociety with homeless citizens indicates poverty and unemployment.Poverty and unemployment contribute to other social problems, such asdrug abuse, gang violence, and civil disobedience. This is becausedespite the issues affecting one morally they also affect the societyas a whole. For example, health besides addiction, drug abuse is alsoassociated with other problems, such as violence, homelessness, andcrime. Thus, the addition is costly to both society and individuals(Velasquez, 2014).

A social issue is a condition that society perceives as undesirableand should be eliminated. Society considers nuclear weapon and war asundesirable in the society. Nuclear weapons cause mass destructionduring the war that can lead to injury, death, and economic losses.Another social issue is racial discrimination as it affectsnegatively societal integration in addition to causing socialinjustices, such as discrimination at work, school, and other socialplaces.

Labor unions and civil disobedience are also social issues. Laborunions are formed because of employees’ dissatisfaction, and theyare meant to fight for rights, such as good working conditions,better pay, and other desirable benefits. However, the unions havecontributed to civil disobedience and war at times. Therefore, partof society perceives them as undesirable. However, it is evident thata personal issue contributes to a social issue and vice versa.

2.It is important for a small group of experts to be involved in majordecision making. Nonetheless, they should not be offered the chanceto make the final decision. On the other hand, the interest of themajority is also significant during decision making process, andshould be reflected, but should not be left to dominate the finaldecision (Velasquez, 2014).

Significantly,there should be a balanced consensus among the general public and theexpertise in order to arrive at the final decision. However, theexperts should play the facilitative role more and ensure that thediscussion of the majority is well informed. Nonetheless, leaving theexpertise to take an active role in the decision making has its consand pros. First, one of the disadvantages is larger groups inexpertise input allow for the greater amount of arguments and lesschances of consensus. Another drawback is that in most instances, theminority are neglected in a system that mostly incorporates the voteof the majority or experts. However, the advantage of the expertisesystem is that the final decision is not based on the data alone butinvolves other people in the decision making process. Therefore,small group of expertise should be allowed to make the final decision(Velasquez, 2014).

3.It is evident that the cost of higher education in America has risenover the past years, and there is no sign that it will slow down inthe near future. However, every American should have the right tocollege education. First, college education is now more important inthe present society because of the existing economic challenges andsocial problems. It is essential for the regime to guarantee thatcollege education is not only accessible, but also affordable to allAmericans (Velasquez, 2014). It is important to ensure that Americansare capable of affording the college education regardless of theirsocial or economic background.

Toachieve education for all, it is important for states to increasecollege fund. Additionally, states should put in place strategies toensure that students access quality education. Lastly, Americanfamilies should ensure that their children go for college education. This is because the college education will ensure economic and socialprosperity.

4.Same sex marriage law is unjust. The law is unjust because just likeheterosexual marriages, gay marriages should be allowed to accesscivil marriage. This is because it is only the law that is capable ofcreating family relationships between two adults that is recognizableby the state and other third parties, for example, insurancecompanies, and employers. What the gay marriages need is the culturalstatus and not the civil unions. Furthermore, legalizing the gaymarriage would be a step towards recognizing American principles ofequal rights (Velasquez, 2014).

Itis impossible to argue that gay marriage is a threat to otherpeople’s rights, unethical or un-American. On the other hand, Ibelieve that two consenting adults should not be denied the right toform a lawful union, which is not only protected but also respectedby the state. Moreover, gay marriage offers stability for theinvolved persons as it provides legitimacy for the children in thiskind of marriage (Velasquez, 2014).


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