In“Do not go gentle into that good night” poem by Dylan Thomas is apersona’s imagination on the way his father could fight death. Thepersona agrees that both him and the elderly understands that deathis inevitable and the beginning of eternal rest, but he wishes thatthe old could resist death. The speaker uses words that portray himas a close to his dying father. He expresses optimism that humans canhave control over the nature in some way.

Onthe contrary, Rober Frost’s “Design” poem expresses pessimismabout nature. The speaker describes the imagery of a black spiderpreying on a moth that is feeding on a flower that gives life. Thepersona portrays the spider as an evil creature that devours theanimals it comes across ruthlessly.

Inboth poems, the speakers portray death as unwanted and oppressing tothe victims. However, the speaker in “Do not go gentle into thatgood night” is optimistic that human can overcome death. Heimagines that the elderly can fight death vigorously instead ofstaying “gentle” towards the last moment as that would enhancedeath’s opportunity to carry one away. However, the speaker in the“Design” poem paints death as inevitable. The moth dies on whilesucking juice from a flower that heals all diseases.

Inmy view, Frost’s persona believes that a powerful force that isbeyond human containment controls death. The white spider is preyingon a moth that is sucking juice from a flower with capability to cureall manners of conditions that can cause death emphasizes on human’sdesperation towards nature. However, Thomas’ persona gives hopethat humans can overcome illnesses through resisting death. Probably,the speaker contemplates how the sick can use drugs and other formsof therapy to avoid early death.