Police use of Deadly Force

Policeuse of Deadly Force

Policeuse of brutality and use of excessive force has been a burning issue.Over the recent months, police departments have been criticized inthe way that they have handled the black minorities while dischargingtheir duties. This has been the state of affairs over the last coupleof months when police men have either committed murder through theuse of brutal means and they have managed to go scot free without anypunishment for their ill judgment. In this essay, the author willdiscuss the different cases of police use of deadly force in thecountry by citing relevant cases.


EricGarner’s who was a 43 year old New York resident is probably therecent victim of police brutality that is still etched on mostAmerican residents’ memory. The 43 year old New York resident whohas been described as a big teddy bear was the victim of police useof excessive force in July 17 of 2014. Garner faced his demise whenhe was approached by two police officers who had earlier tracked himdown for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. Garner was asked bythe police to put his hands behind his back which he refused thusprompting the police to use a chock in an effort to bring him downand put him to custody. It was during this moment that the 43 yearold started claiming that he could breathe twice and later suffered acardiac arrest in the hands of the police (Murdock).What was really chocking about the incident is that it was caught oncamera and the whole nation had access to video shortly after theincident had occurred. Eric Garner died as a result of police use ofexcess force and also by not showing any clemency to the victim whohad some difficulty while breathing. However, what was mostdisturbing about the incident was the use of the chokehold was bannedin 1993 by the then Police Commissioner Ray Kelley in New York.Administering a chokehold that could prevent breathing is in thefirst place against the law. A Staten Island judge also refused torelease the testimony of the grand jury citing thewitnesses’testimony might be altered.Meanwhile the policeman who was involvedin the incident was never indicted (Marsh).

Thecase of Michael Brown was one which indicated the ugly side of policerelations with the black community. Michael Brown, a teenager of 18years was brutally murder by a white police man who was on duty onthe night of August 9, 2014. Michael Brown was murder by DarrenWilson on close range after the policeman fired six gunshots as aresult Michael Brown suffered multiple gunshot wounds on his chestand his head and faced his demise on that fateful night. According towitnesses, Michael had already surrendered and was complying with thepolice orders before the police officer opened fire on the teenager.The news about the police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri sparkedanger as the residents in the area staged a 10 day protest in aneffort to get some justice for Michael Brown (Reuters).The protestors were especially outraged after it was discovered thatthe policeman involved, Darren Wilson had not been disciplined butwas instead given a paid vacation by the police force. In addition,the police force insisted that Darren Wilson had a clean record whichcontrary to his background record.

TheLos Angeles Police Department has been under fire in the past fewmonths following an outrage of over 50 residents of the Los Angelesarea who questioned the circumstances under which Ezell Ford wasmurdered. According to the witnesses in the area, the 25 year old wasshot by two police men at night. The incident was pretty unfortunategiven than everybody in the neighborhood including the police knewEzell’s mental state. The community believes that the police actwas based on malice and should be considered a murder case as Ezellwas not a gang member. Considering that the police who shot him weremembers of the anti-gang department in the area. There was nosufficient evidence or reason to shoot and kill Ezell Ford because hedid not have the mental capacity to know what he was doing. Inaddition, the protestors were angered in the way that Ezell wasexecuted, the 25 year old was laying on the ground and autopsyreports show that he suffered from close range bullet wounds (Fener).


Thestate of police brutality raises many eyebrows about the justicesystem in the U.S. The society wonders whether the police are abovethe same laws that are supposed to enforce. The main issue of concernhere is why the police are getting away with day light murder and thewhy justice system cannot intervene and bring the culpritsto book.The fact that the police can get away with the brutal murder of blackresidents may spark some bad blood between the black community in analready vengeful relationship between the two sides.


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