Portfolio Project Reflection

PortfolioProject Reflection

PortfolioProject Reflection

Withthe completion of my business management project, I have learned howto act in a dynamic and turbulent business environment, learningstrategies for achieving excellence and sustaining a competitiveadvantage in one’s business competition. According to businessmanagement project, developing a good business strategy, specifyingthe firm or business mission, its vision, and the business’sultimate objective are a necessary precondition for any business toremain relevant and competitive. Nevertheless, research has shownthat the real practices are far from being perfect (Meskendahl,2010).

Ihave gained the understanding that an organization business strategyis supposed to be realized through different ongoing activities andfunctional operations. Therefore, in order for me to be moresuccessful in business as a manager, I have learned to investigate onthe right things, ensure the organization optimizes its capacity bybalancing demand of resources with the available supply. In addition,the business has to figure out how well it is executing its currentstrategies, and absorbing the different environmental or economicchanges. Finally, I learned to asses if the function is realizing thepromised benefits. Working in line with these policies will helpsuccess in my chosen career as of business management (Meskendahl,2010).

Incompleting this project, skills and knowledge gained from previouscourses such as organization behavior, business relations, andentrepreneurship have been quite helpful. Some of the skills andknowledge that were helpful include, innovative thinking skills,acquired leadership skills, a deep knowledge of trends that willlikely shape business environment in years to come, and the abilityto push boundaries sourcing for more. These have also been aided byperusing business courses that utilizing real world challenges.


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