Positives and Negatives of Mobile Technology on Relationships

Positivesand Negatives of Mobile Technology on Relationships

Positivesand Negatives of Mobile Technology on Relationships

Theuse of mobile technology in various aspects of people’s lives isvery common. Many benefits can be linked with the application ofthese gadgets. However, as they become a necessary part of life, theyalso have adverse effects on how people relate. This essay will showhow relationships have benefited and suffered from the use of mobiletechnology.

Theworld is closely linked and people are able to move to differentlocations (Friedman, 2006). While in different places, they requireto maintain links with the relatives they leave behind. This is nowvery easy with the mobile gadgets that are available in every place.People in business have a way of connecting with their clients,suppliers and other relevant people without having to travel. Thecommunication done in this way is very fast and very effective.

Duringthe times you travelled from your place of work, you can get updatedon what is happening and provide guidelines (Friedman, 2006). Therewill be no surprises waiting for you from your trip like it used tohappen in older days. Mobile technology offers various methods ofcommunication. You can use voice, text or use the internet to passyour messages to other people. Every day, new apps are being inventedthat improve the way these gadgets are used in the lives of people.

Insome places, mobile technology is being used to make payments. Thisoption is being preferred by many people to banks as a way of makingmoney transfers. This option helps people in far places to cater fortheir families. This was previously impossible in the past when moneytook a long time to reach the desired destination.

Whileenjoying the benefits associated with mobile phones, it is good to beaware of the negative side of their use. These gadgets have grabbedthe attention of every one. You may witness a group of people meetingbut no conversation will take place between them. Instead, theyengage in conversations with their friends not in the same place.

Infamilies, relatives develop close relationships when they visit oneanother or hold conversations. This is slowly dying away as peopleuse mobile phones with their kin who reside away from them. People nolonger find it necessary to go and visit their relatives in otherplaces.

Marriagesare also put under strain by the use of mobile phones. Spousesdevelop their relationship through the kind of conversations theyhold. It is not uncommon to find spouses who are lost on their mobilephones and completely ignore the other person. This is wrong andtakes away the spark in relationships. If this not trend is checkedor the spouses develop some rules to govern the use of these gadgets,it is be very easy for relationships to end up in divorce andseparation. Instead of finding time with each other, spouses findtime for friends and sometimes strangers who are far away from them.

Mobilephones can result in very embarrassing situations. You may be in ameeting or very private activity. Unless you switch off the phone,you will be called and whatever you were doing will be disrupted.This can be very annoying especially you are in having specialmoments with your family members or other people. If you keepanswering your phone either by texting or calling, you will seem tobe rude to the other person. People need to establish of ensuringtechnology does not affect their relationships.

Whenpeople meet for the first time, the first thing they do is toexchange their contacts in the hope that they can be of help to oneanother in future (Friedman, 2006). When you give out your number, itmight get into the hands of other people. Therefore, it will not besurprising to receive calls from other people you have never met evenduring odd hours. There have been cases of people in some placeswhere they have been swindled by people who used their phone numbers.Strange people can take advantage of your phone number to exploityou. With the ease of communication available, people may seem to bemore connected than ever before. This may be true but thecommunication is losing the human touch. In the old days, peopleconnected to one another by meeting physically.

Childrenlearn about the mobile phones at an early age. They demand to havetheir own phones even before they are adults. This is a way throughwhich people can lose touch of one another. The loss of familyconnections can be avoided by creating some rules in the family thatwill be used by everyone. Family moments are precious but can beruined by the use of mobile phones.

Insummary, mobile technology has brought about great improvements tothe lives of people. Communication is enhanced between people who arelocated far from one another. However, the use of this technology hasnegatively affected how people relate. Relationships no longer havethe warmth that was created by direct communication between people.It has also made people lazy because they can apply the many apps ontheir gadget to do different things without moving about.


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