Pot Does Not Increase Crash Risk


PotDoes Not Increase Crash Risk

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PotDoes Not Increase Crash Risk

Areport released in February by the government of the United Statesfailed to relate smoking marijuana with increasing the risk ofcrashing. A report released by the National Highways and TransportSafety Authority did not link smoking marijuana with dangerousdriving as it did with drinking alcohol. In this topic, variousstakeholders give their voice concerning this report. The NationalHighways and Transport Safety Authority (NHTSA) that conductssurveillance on the number of accidents that happen in the country’shighways prepared the report with the help of the National RoadsideSurvey. Substance Abuse and Mental Services Administration (SAMSA)however, warns against driving after smoking considerable levels ofmarijuana (Shepardson, 2015).

Thistopic is in line with respect for legitimate public institution.NHTSA is a government institution concerned with the safety roadusers. The information is more credible having come from a legitimateinstitution. In this report, the authority provides information onthe decline of drunk drivers and associates this with reducedaccidents. Marijuana smoking has no effects on the number ofaccidents on the roads. However, the SAMSA warns that very highlevels of marijuana increase the risk of crashing (Shepardson, 2015).The body is also a source of credible information.

Healthcommunication gets a reflection in this topic. The accidents thathappen in the national highways are a major health concern. Thepublic needs explicit information on the factors that contribute toaccidents. The legitimate institutions perform this function bydemystifying the issues surrounding marijuana smoking and dangerousdriving. The topic does not however indict marijuana from dangerousdriving if the levels get exceeded in the body. This information isimportant to road users.


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