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Education has always been touted as one of the most fundamentalelements that any individual in the contemporary human society canpossess. It has been well acknowledged by scholars in numerousstudies that the level of education determines the quality of life ofan individual in both the long-term and the short-term, while holdingall factors constant. While this is the case, the success is alsodetermined by the goals that an individual puts in life andacademics, as these are the things that guide him or her in thejourney of life.

Myimmediate goals currently revolve around graduating from the GSU withhonors in Bachelors Degree in Psychology. This means that I am notonly aiming at graduating but also excelling in education. Such afeat would not only enhance my comprehension of the liberal arts butwould also underline my capacity to directly apply the knowledge inmy current position. On the same note, it is perfectly acknowledgedthat the field of psychology is dynamic in which case the mostappropriate way of keeping updated with its happenings would be toensure consistent upgrading of one’s level of knowledge. I amconfident that once I perform well in the undergraduate level, I willfind it easier to excel in higher echelons of my education possiblyin masters or doctorate program where I can contribute immensely tothe field as a community college instructor. This work is in linewith the core values that I hold pertaining to contributing to makingthe world a better place for the society.

Thepsychology degree program is guided on varied key goals stretchingfrom the acquisition of knowledge to the application of the same onresearch. While this is the case, I think one of my main strengths ismy capacity to quickly comprehend the course material and articulateit in terms that can be understood by all parties through relatingthe same with the daily activities. This comes in handy in handlingissues in the society, as well as in the academic category. However,I particularly have a problem with regard to my patience on matterspertaining to seemingly unimportant theories. There are numerouscases where the theories being made regarding a particular concept inthe society are too far-fetched or no clearly explained at thebeginning to such an extent that I lose interest in them even beforeI completely internalize their application or importance. This oftenhampers my capacity to apply the knowledge pertaining to the same inthe field, given that even the comprehension of the concepts in thetheory is already problematic.

Thereare varied things that the lecturers or instructors should do so asto eliminate this strength or minimize its effects. First, it hasalways been the case that concepts will always be interesting andhave the capacity to capture the attention of the reader in instanceswhere it seems to be applicable to their lives. More often than not,the disinterest emanates from the inability to determine the utilityof the concepts in both the short-term and the long-term. In essence,customizing the concepts right from the beginning would go a long wayin enhancing the appeal that the same have on the readers and,therefore, cement their comprehension of the same and applicability.