Program reflection






The program has impressed me in general. I have been impressed since I have had an opportunity to learn about very many aspects as far as the administration in the health sector is concerned. The learning process was also very impressive, and I cannot fail to recognize the significant efforts demonstrated by the able course instructors who took us through the program. Learning has been fun and at a time I felt I was doing it to enjoy rather than for the purpose of learning. The methods used to advance knowledge have been commendable, and any right minded individuals can attest to that fact.


What I liked the most regarding the program is the friendly nature and methods used by the course instructor. Motivation to learn can be affected by such psychological factors, and it can influence so much the learning by the students. The instructors motivated me since I could consult on any issue almost any time I felt like. The course instructor humility on the many mistakes we made also helped in ensuring that the learning process was smooth. Another thing I liked is the co-operation between students that was facilitated by the system to help in exchange of knowledge and building one another in terms of ideas.


Any program has a few challenges facing it and none is perfect. The aim, however, is to improve the performance of the system in order to facilitate meeting the goals. One thing I would hope to be added is the inclusion of a conference where students from different university can meet and exchange ideas. In fact, all of us learn to meet in the same job market and as such it is better the information gaps that exist be sealed by having a consensus on the optimum methods of administration. By doing that, the institution can learn the strengths and weaknesses of its program and at the same time offer a window of opportunities to improve. The other thing I would like to be added is that the program should lake arrangement and invite persons in the industry to come and teach us from their first-hand experience.


The program has played a huge role and impacted so much on me. First, I have been informed and now appreciate the role of leadership and management in healthcare systems. Healthcare system should also introduce information technology in almost all the necessary and appropriate facilities. I have learned the different leadership traits that are suitable for healthcare systems and the most significant levels in the healthcare industry. The threats and risks facing the industry have been open to me and possible mitigating factors have been provided. I have gained knowledge about the financial aspect of the industry and its relevance to the strategic objective.


I feel that I am prepared for a job in the career of the healthcare industry. This is caused by my passion for working in this sector of the economy and also it is because I think I have the requisite knowledge. I am equal to the task, according to how well I feel the knowledge I gained would help me achieve the job and career requirements. The entire above factors make me confident to believe that I am well prepared for a career in the healthcare industry.