Reading Synthesis





TheHuman Resource Management is a broad term that covers issues relatedto employees, employers and government agencies that overseeemployment activities. I believe that employees in supportiveorganizations feel more comfortable than those in stressfulenvironments. This is because they are free to communicate with theirsuperiors and the enabling environment boosts their morale leading toincreased productivity (Sims, 2013). Entrepreneurs are people whocome up with business ideas and invest in them. This is a personalchallenge that involves a lot of risks. The most interesting thing inthe reading of human resource management is that I never realizedthat starting a company is a tedious process that involves numerousactivities.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Majority of the business men andwomen started businesses by building on their own interests andpassions (Sims, 2013). Although it may seem simpler, the steps ofestablishing a business must be followed in order to evaluate whetherit is worth starting. Setting the organizational goals is crucial inevery company. This gives the company an idea of what they aresupposed to do and the results expected. In addition, one cannotstart a business without evaluating the market. I feel this iscrucial as the company revenue will be determined by the number ofcustomers served. Other steps that I feel are important includefinancial support, legal registration, business plan and location ofthe business (Sims, 2013).

Ithink starting a business needs careful planning. Irrespective of thesize of the company, at some point the employer will need theservices of an employee. The selection criteria should be scrutinizedto ensure that only qualified personnel are employed. I do not thinka firm with inexperienced staff experiences business growth. The keyconcepts identified in this area include document screening (Sims,2013). My experience with this kind of screening occurred when I wasin an internship in a certain organization. I was working in thehuman resource department. I used to check resumes using certaincomputer software. This was much faster and easier as compared togoing through them manually.

Ibelieve that the HR department adopted the computerized systembecause it could detect and eliminate those who do not meet thespecified minimum requirements. An interview is also another conceptduring employee selection (Sims, 2013). This brings the intervieweeand interviewer in a face to face conversation. I was onceshortlisted to attend an international interview but because I couldnot travel abroad for the interview, I used video conference. Theexperience was memorable. I think video conference interviews areflexible and less expensive. There is also an instant feedback. Ialso went through the same process during the internship selection.Apart from screening, there are other tests that employees undergo.They include medical examination, drug tests, and biodata, physicaland honesty tests (Sims, 2013). All these are aimed at selecting thebest candidate. My conversation with the head of human resources inthe company I worked revealed that these tests are important becausethey help identify potential employees who require special attentionwhen employed. For instance, there were a few disabled workers in theorganization who were performing extremely well.

Trainingand career development is another important element to consider inthe organization. Organizations have realized that employees needtechnical as well as superior expertise in order to address some ofthe pressing issues in the organization (Sims, 2013). I think everyemployee is unique and good at a certain area. Giving them a chanceto develop their careers brings the business to a complete new level.I believe training helps expand and strengthen the capabilities of abusiness. Depending on the performance of employees, the HRdepartment develops numerous ways for employee appraisal (Sims,2013). I think a company develops performance measurements andappraisal programs to influence employees leading to increasedproductivity. I feel that not all the organizations have efficientappraisal systems. Sometimes this could fail due to corruption andinappropriate rating. It would also discourage teamwork as it targetsindividuals and not a group.

Thereare many issues that affect an organization. Some of the problemsexist from when the business was established. It is important toanalyze the business ideas to ascertain whether it is worth investing(Sims, 2013). During selection, the human resource department shouldexercise due care and diligence when selecting staff because they arean important element in any business. Bias selection should bediscouraged as it leads to employment of incompetent workers. Inaddition, employees should be given an opportunity to advance anddevelop their careers as this will motivate them and they feel partof the company. Remuneration should also be fair because most of theemployees shift from one company to the other in search for a greenerpasture (Sims, 2013).


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