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Humanbeings are the most intelligent living organisms. They understand theneed for a clean ecosystem in providing a quality living space forall other creatures. Their time on earth is expected to be valuablein ensuring that natural resources are well safeguarded.All humanprocesses should therefore regard the right understanding of the mostuseful conservation techniques.


Theobjective of this paper is to make a report on Green living Halifaxwith respect to the varying environment conservation techniques. Asymbiotic relationship with the ecological cycles creates a naturalbalance.


Usingrandom sampling technique, a total of ten people (5 males and 5females) respondent were interviewed using a well structuredquestionnaire .The following information was asked:

  • Does your place of work/study have a club or organization that focuses on the environment?

  • Does the use of handout show wise use of paper?

  • Are there green job available in Halifax

  • Do you always use separate bins for your garbage disposal?

  • Is there a safe place to keep your bike in your place of work/study

  • How often do you buy bottled water?

Afterdata collection the data was qualitatively analysed using spss


Employersand schools at Halifax have clubs and organizations that focus on theenvironment. They educate their members on the right practices withthe objective of making the environment more productive. The clubsare responsible for the quality standards in dealing with thedifferent aspects of the environment that create favorable livingconditions. They carry out the necessary coordination as part oftheir manifesto.

Theuse of handouts at Halifax does not show wise use of paper. Most ofthe handouts are put in paper bags that are disposed without a properconsideration of their impact on the environment. Paper should not beused without a quality consideration of the impact that it has on theecosystem conservation policies.

Halifaxprovides Green Jobs for its residents. They cover the differentaspects of the population with the objective of dealing with theissue of waste disposal. The required standards in maintaining aproper use of the environment are passed to the varying interestgroups that facilitate the normal procedures of a healthy ecosystem.Green jobs at Halifax reduce the rate of environmental degradation.

TheHalifax resident do not use separate bins for waste disposal. Eachfamily has one dustbin that serves all interests. Such a move ensuresa quality management of the waste disposal by considering therelevant issues that are part of waste disposal strategy. The binsare wisely used to cover a wide spectrum of wastes with the objectiveof realizing a cleaner environment for everybody.

Mostof the employers and schooling institutions provide a secure parkingplace for bikes. This creates the right organization within theenvironment. Those who use bikes in Halifax are considered in theirparking dimensions and they get an equal valuation in maintaining theecosystem safe. The different bike aspects are documented with theright understanding of the environment where they are used. Bikerepairs are carried out wisely to ensure that minimum waste isdisposed to the environment.

Allthe Halifax residents buy bottled water. They consider it a quick wayof addressing their thirst. Bottled water is very convenient for thetravelers and people attending different function. The rate of usingbottled water creates a better consideration in dealing with theextended objectives of the sustainable living. The community hashowever been educated on the right aspects of disposing the bottlesused. This creates a better understanding of the right aspects infacilitating a clean environment for all the citizens. Dustbins aretherefore provided along the streets and institutions to facilitatethe right disposal strategies.


Inconclusion, the Halifax community practices sustainable living byaddressing all the issues related to a clean environment. Green jobs,proper disposals, parking for bikes are provided to create the rightgoing green business. The community administration aims at theminimization of population at the lowest cost possible