Research Approaches



Providedwith this hypothesis, the two research approaches that may beconsidered for research strategy are qualitative approach andparticipatory approach. The qualitative approach in this case willentail recording, analyzing and trying to uncover the meaning ofhuman experience concerning the implementation of internationalintelligence-sharing. It is through the analysis of the data that iscollected that it would be determined whether the implementation ofinternational intelligence-sharing faces different challenges. Themerit of qualitative approach is that it would offer a rich anddetailed picture of why there are challenges in the implementation ofinternational intelligence-sharing and the challenges faced. However,the approach has a disadvantage in that it is expensive and laborintensive (Punch,2005). Besides, researcher bias is unavoidable.

Onthe other hand, the participatory approach in this case would involvea researcher interacting informally or living among the researchparticipants in order to obtain information concerning humanexperience on the implementation of internationalintelligence-sharing and the challenges involved. The advantage ofthis approach is that it is cost-effective and can apply variousmethods, which can be used flexibly depending with the situation (InGoodyear,2014). Besides, the participatory approach is sustainable and permitstimely intervention and analysis. Nevertheless, the approach has adisadvantage in that it is time consuming and the sample size usedmay be too small to be a representative of the entire population(Blancheet al, 2006).

Inthe research, I intend to use one approach. The approach that Iintend to use is the qualitative approach. This is because thisapproach is likely to provide a lot of data that can be used inanalyzing the hypothesis.


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