Research in intelligence


Whereas Wikipedia is the first search engine, it is clear that itsresources are not reliable and credible. To start with, theinformation and the articles will be posted by anonymous people.Therefore, it is extremely hard for any person to believe that theinformation given is credible and true. The ability by all users toedit information makes the website even more unreliable (Jones,2013). It is evident that a student can get online and edit a paperthen re-upload it again. This is extremely unacceptable. Wikipediashould not be used for researching academic work since theinformation on the website might be untrue. Additionally, anyinformation obtained from the website does not have an author or evena publisher. This makes it extremely difficult for academicresearchers to quote any information on Wikipedia.

Websites are that end in .org are mainly for non-profitorganizations and advocacy groups. The information they provide canbe extremely reliable and can also be very biased depending on theangle at which one looks at it (Jones, 2013). The advocacy groupshave skewed political interests and therefore the information theyprovide is highly biased. It is also evident that numerous businessand commercial entities have taken over the .org websites andtherefore it is no longer a reserve of the non-profit makingorganizations. This makes the information available on themunreliable and biased.

The errors in current affairs reporting both in the newspapers andelectronic media are as a result of unreliable sources of informationand inadequate research. It is evident that most of the journalistresearchers will rely on blogs and other personal websites to gatherinformation that they will report as current affairs. This creates ahuge room for errors (Hunsinger et al., 2010). Additionally, due tothe demand of information in the market, the researchers do notclarify any most of the information they obtain from the variouswebsites. It is the responsibility of the journalists and otherreporters to always take sufficient time to research and clarify theinformation they obtain before reporting. Additionally the reportersmust only obtain information from reliable and credible sources andnot from personal blogs.


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