Response Assignment Video on Self-defense


The video informs on how to use self-defense against the influenceapproaches that are used by advertisers and political groups. Thework of advertisers is to persuade people to purchase their productsor services, while politicians aim at gaining more power through anincrease in followers. From the video, it is apparent that the twogroups care less about the interests of their targets. This does notmean that all advertisements and political groups are bad rather,most aim at individual gains. Hence, as the listener and targetaudience, one must critically think about these influences. Whenreacting to advertisements or political groups, the reaction shouldarise after ensuring that the move is due to individual interests andnot because of influence power.

The most relevant lesson is on defending oneself from irrationalthinking. The video uses the illustration of the world as large, withindividuals that differ in motives. Although someone may always havegood intentions in their actions, it does not guarantee the sameapplies to all people we meet. By defending ourselves, it means beingcapable of safeguarding ourselves from intentional harm. Advertisersare in an influence business, and it does not matter the impact oftheir products or services to consumers. This means that one cannotjust follow what they are told without questioning, which is thewhole idea of self-defense.

Critical thinking makes it probable to make rational decisions. Inaddition, it makes an individual to question their actions. Itensures that one can trace a good reason to the actions they intendto take. Critical thinking equips people with weapons to defendagainst influencers that have bad intentions, or from manipulation.