Response Your College Major May Not Be As Important As You Think Article

Response:Your College Major May Not Be As Important As You Think Article

Thearticle talks about how parents and their children clash over thechoice of the major the children choose. It starts with an excerptfrom a letter that the media mogul Ted Turner wrote to his son afterhis son chose an impractical major. Nevertheless, the article showshow the type of a major is of less significance to the economicsuccess and the future of the individual. He shows how taking animpractical major allows an individual to pursue what they like incollege and achieve a higher G.P.A unlike when taking the so calledpractical major. A disconnect between the job and the type of majortaken by a person is clearly demonstrated. Overall, employers are notinterested in what a person takes as a major in college, but rathertheir level or ability in communication skills, or even experience.The author argues parents to stop bothering their children, and allowthem to do what they desire as a major in college.


Response:Daddy Lies Because Of Me Video

Thevideo is about a father who lies so as to protect her daughter. Thegirl believes that her father is the best dad in the whole universe.He is capable of providing for her anything, can do anything becauseof her and is willing to go an extra mile for her sake-includinglying to her. The father perceives lying as a normal thing since hebelieves her daughter’s happiness is critical and extends beyondany form of ethics. The behavior of the daughter towards her fatheris appreciative. She holds high regard for her dear daddy, notknowing he has been telling lies to achieve this kind of respect andlove.