Review of Lovelock Marketing Guidelines


Reviewof Lovelock Marketing Guidelines

Reviewof Lovelock Marketing Guidelines

Tomarket services globally, it is imperative that an organizationfollows certain principles and concepts of global marketing. Some ofthe principles and suggestions for success in marketing are putforward in the marketing guidelines by Christopher Lovelock. Theadherence to these guidelines will provide greater success in globalmarketing. According to Tadajewskiand Hewer (2012), thisis because the marketing in the global environment requires methodsand strategies that are universally known to give a competitive edgeto an organization. At the same time, such marketing strategies andglobal practices need to be relevant to the changing globalenvironment. Therefore, the guidelines by Lovelock will be successfulbecause they are relevant to the global marketing environment.

Inaddition, the guidelines provide the basics of marketing that areuniversally accepted and practiced. For instance, Lovelock assertsthat the provision of excellent service personnel and products arethe main elements of building on customer loyalty. This is auniversally practical and relevant principle that leads to success inmarketing when applied appropriately. According to Light(2013), highquality services hold the customer to want the product again, whilefriendly customer service creates an attachment between the customerand the firm. Moreover, Lovelock provides the principles ofunderstanding the service market environment and suggests the toolsfor measuring the performance of an organization’s marketingventure.

Theguidelines by Lovelock further provide the expert overview of theorganizational structures that relate to global marketing. This meansthat their application will provide the structural insights relatingto global marketing ventures. According to Baker&nbsp(2014),the success of a marketing venture heavily depends on theeffectiveness of the management and leadership qualities of thepeople leading the organization. This means that the principles byLovelock are comprehensive and relevant to the global marketingenvironment.


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