Revising Encyclopedia Entries


RevisingEncyclopedia Entries

RevisingEncyclopedia Entries


In view of my encyclopedia entries, a revision can be created usingthe information contained in the five entries. The information willhelp anyone to precisely comprehend the concepts found in theentries. A simple yet elaborate work gives the best readability andcontent understanding. The deliverance is in clear and logical stepsup to the end. A well-revised sample is not lengthy and also not verydetailed. My revision falls below.

Question 5



Fracking is anargot term for hydraulic fracturing of oil or gas. Rocks are drilledin their fractures, fluid injected in and hence oil and gas isdrilled out (Out Vertical). It’s common in most European economies.Almost five billion dollars is saved per day when Fracking is used incrude oil production. World economy has been improved through theestablishment of cities and industries, for example, Ohio economy inthe US. However, the major criticism comes fromenvironmentalists-Fracking sites use an enormous amount of water.Chemicals utilized in the process are harmful to the surroundingenvironments as well. Global warming has been linked to oil and gasmining and thus a serious anti-fracking campaign has been on the riserecently. Speculations from the media dictate that Russia is behindthe anti-fracking campaigns. However, no definite proofs quantify theclaims.


Civil Society is a political space whereby voluntary networks,groups, associations, and movements join forces to advance theircommon interests. It includes the NGOs and charitable groups thatshow interest in the public welfare. Some of the vital activities arehuman rights, democracy, justice and environmental advocacy. Theycreate social constructs or orders as they seek change in collectiveactions. The civil society is always present wherever and wheneverthe society wants to shape the governing rules. Inadequacy ingovernance has lead to the rise of civil societies. It gives a voiceto the public. The civil society influences social cohesion throughpromoting mutual understanding across deep cultural divides creatingcollective solidarity.


The civil society is a term used to refer to anumber of organizations that operate to stand for the rights ofpeople as observed by the state. Civil society entails every personwho is keen on ensuring that the government respects and upholds therights its citizens. In regard to women rights in Russia, the civilsocieties involve non-governmental organizations, community-basedorganizations, women’s groups like the Zhenskii Svet and otherinternational organizations. Civil societies have faced a “myriadof problems” in Russia. It is mainly due to the politicalchallenges that have faced the country in the second half of the 20thcentury. However, the civil society groups play a crucial roleespecially among the disadvantaged groups in the Russian society.


Kirill Medvedev was born in 1975. Kirill is among the mostcelebrated artists and poets in the modern Russia. He is awell-renowned poet. Medvedev has also been a campaigner for labor, aswell as a member of “The Russian Socialist Movement, Vpered”.Medvedev and his small press called “the Free Marxist PublishingHouse” have published many books connected to politics, literatureand art. Kirill is a part of the generation of writers from Russiathat have progressed to advance from the decline of the USSR. Thepoet comes from a Soviet intelligentsia family. Medvedev also acts asan observer and at times taking part in the movement of socialcontestation, which has been apparent in Russia from the mid-2000s.The period has witnessed a number of actions, to support housingfreedoms, education, pensions, and ecological safeguard, fromcorruption or electoral deceit. Kirill Medvedev is a leader of theadvent civic poetry, which became widespread in Russia from the2000s.


Greenpeace is a global organization campaigning for change in attitudesand behaviors to conserve the environment and promote peace.Theorganization has a strong presence in Russia where it is involved incampaigns to save the Arctic environment. Onthe peace front, Greenpeace has been involved in numerous campaignscalling for peace and nuclear disbarment. Whilecivil society organizations tend to use a broad range of measures toput across their message, Meideinger and Tysiachniouk (2011) notethat Greenpeace has specialized in sabotage by seeking to punishwrong doers. The significance of the tensions between Russia andUkraine caused by the crime crisis has caused European countries ledby the UK to plan on using hydrofracking to extract gas followinghigh prices imposed by Russia on European countries.


Therevision included here can be a real encyclopedia entry since itfollows the rules below:

  • Readability- It does not assume prior knowledge of ideas, individuals or events. So the audience is given a vivid picture of the contents within here.

  • Style- The articles are written in a straightforward expository style. The points are also laid down concisely and direct.

  • Arrangement of entries- The entries are arranged alphabetically.

Question 6

Responding tothe prompts with regards to my peer’s work

  1. Good job! I thought that making encyclopedia entries was a really helpful way of describing articles because it helped me to understand the Greenpeace movement.

  2. When you wrote that the UK plans on using hydrofracking to drill oil, I understood you to mean that it has become an environmental friendly mining technique. Is that what you mean? If so, have you thought about the anti-fracking activist civil movements!