“Ripped From the Headlines” EGS Dependencies and Impacts Report

“RippedFrom the Headlines” EGS Dependencies and Impacts Report

Submission1: Proposal

GlobalPressure on Water Capacity and their Impacts on Industries


Thearticle focuses on the problem of water scarcity on the operations ofcompanies. In the article, the issue of water management is takenkeenly with incorporations of water risk calculations in the decisionmaking processes of a company as well as strategic planning. In thisarticle, a worrying trend is exposed for companies with two-thirds ofthe companies accepting the fact that they are exposed towater-related risks thus could affect their growth. Some of thesecompanies include Diageo in Nairobi, Coca-Cola in India that hasfaced water-use concerns. There is inefficiency in the manner inwhich water risks are managed and measured. The article under studyis extracted fromhttp://www.greenbiz.com/article/state-green-business-water-scarcity&gt.


Thewell-being of humans and the general health of ecosystem across theworld are affected by changes in global water cycle which occurmainly as a result of human pressure. This in turn affects theoperations of economic activities that human beings rely on such asindustries, agriculture and health. The topic expounds on the globalpressure on the water capacity and their impacts on industries. Mostof the industries rely on water for their processes hence watercapacity becomes integral in their operations. However, there hasbeen a worrying trend on the pressure put on water by humanactivities which in effect threatens the growth and sustainability ofthese industries. The study aims at highlighting on the globalpressures on water capacity and brings out the impacts that the watercapacity have on the industries. Key management issues surroundingwater and its calculations as well as retention are expected. Thestudy is inspired by the article owing to the numerous industriesthat are threatened by water shortages as well as poor management ofwater resources. Some of the industries have come up with efficientwater management mechanisms while others are facing likely closure ina year’s time.

Owingto the fact that for the world to be properly fed, the global economyneeds to grow and water is critical in ensuring this growth. Nonetheless, water can also be a limiting factor in growth of oureconomy. To this effect, I find this topic worth exploration giventhat little attention has been paid to it. There are several gainsthat can be made in industries as a result of water management beingincorporated in main decision making processes. The topic is relatedto EGS framework as it will explore on water retention as well aspurification to enhance access to fresh water. Second, for theindustries to expand and manufacturing and production activities totake place, more water are needed. Additionally, the relation of thetopic to EGS framework is seen as the pressure on water capacityaffects the quality of water that is used in the production process.

Submission2: Revised Proposal and Outline


Dependingon the approach that is given to water management, the growthsustained is limited. Efficient and productive water management iscritical in most industries as they result in higher levels ofsustainable growths. However, the levels of sustainable growth aredetermined by the demand and supply pressures on water and itsresources. The demand pressures put on water include populationgrowth and increase in water-intensive diets. Some of the demandpressures include growth in domestic, urban and industrial use ofwater. Climate change is part and parcel of the pressure on waterowing to its effects on replenishment of water reservoir. Supply sideissues include transportation of water, availability as well asvariability present challenges. The demand and supply challengesadded together affects economic activities of human beings includingthe growth of industries. The paper will explore the global pressureon water capacity and their impacts on industries.


Thechapter will highlight briefly on the state of water environment andthe impacts it has on socio-economic development and industries.

Driversof Change and Pressure

Thischapter will take cognizance of the factors that influence change inthe atmosphere and land. Issues such as climate change and water usewill be exploited in this section.

EGSand Industries

Aconnection between EGS and the industries will be highlighted. Thefacets of the framework and their relation to the growth ofindustries are covered.

Trendin Water Use in Industries

Thischapter will analyze the trend that has been observed in the use ofwater across industries and seek to show the impacts they have had onthe growth of industries.


Asummary of the topic under inquiry will be given and the findings aswell as the facts supporting the topic will be re-affirmed.

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